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OSRS Guide – One Small Favour


OSRS Guide – One Small Favour

One Little Favour is mostly a funny quest in the OSRS world, which in turn asks you to do a prefer for a secret gnome. The quest much more difficult than it sounds, as you have to generate a tea for the gnome-pilot of the white wolf mountain, along with arrange for making a stop in the Feldip Hills. This guide displays you where to find the dwarves you require.

The One Little Favour quest in Traditional RuneScape are located in the village of East Varrock. To complete the quest, you will need to buy a pot of boiling water, Harralander, Guam leaves, and Marrentill, and an empty teacup. You can acquire these materials by buying a pot of tea in east Varrock, and taking in it. For those who have completed the quest, you are likely to receive an asterisk, a reward that you can use for any special skill.

One particular Small Favor is a mission that can be completed by any kind of level. In order to start it, you will need a pot of boiling water and Harralander. Then simply, you will require Guam leaves and Marrentill, and a clear teacup. Once you have each of the items you need, you will have a likelihood to whole the goal. The search requires that you just buy the things listed below. Once you have all of these, you will need to craft a service for the whole pot.

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