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My dad has attempted to quit smoking recently.


My dad has attempted to quit smoking recently.

My dad has attempted to quit smoking recently.

15 yr old, Female, VT


My daddy has attempted to quit smoking recently. From the time he’s stopped smoking (cool turkey) he has been acting crazy. He lashes he acts bipolar at me verbally and at times. He additionally blurts out of the many things that are random: ’I hate humans, ’ ’What’s the idea of residing? ’ and ’Why don’t you get live with your mother and then leave me personally the hell alone. (My mom abandoned the both of us once I had been 36 months old to be a prostitute. )

He constantly informs individuals to go f*** themselves, and in addition informs me this. Today he very nearly got arrested because he had been aggressive to police. I’m becoming very depressed from exactly just just how he’s performing and I also require some advice of how to approach this. Please assistance? I actually do maybe perhaps perhaps not understand what doing any longer


Thank you for calling Teen Line. I could suppose you might be dealing with a time that is difficult now. It appears like you are feeling extremely distressed and confused about your collarspace com dad. It really is understandable he is talking to you that you feel depressed because of how. I’m able to that is amazing you need to feel harmed because all of the things that are negative’s saying.

Have actually you gone on the internet and seen just exactly what it is want to giving up smoking? Among the support that is online are www., which you yourself can continue for more information details about quitting.

Additionally, maybe you have talked to a dependable adult about this or even one of the friends? These are typically great assistance and sourced elements of convenience. Composing journals are a great solution to help place your emotions in some recoverable format and from the mind. Have you got a pastime that you want doing, such as exercising or playing a guitar? At you, you can use your hobby as an outlet to your pain if you ever feel down after your dad screams. Do not think twice to call us at Teen Line at (310) 855-4673 from 6PM-10PM PST available seven days per week.

A young adult LINE teenager

Recently, i’ve experienced like no body is there for me personally once I require it.

14 years old, Female, NC


Lately, We have believed like no body will there be I need it for me when. I’m as me down if… I have no one and all everyone wants to do is bring. Every despair test we have actually taken has stated that i’ve serious depression. Not long ago I came across a man whom we thought adored me in my situation, but he simply lead me personally on and left me immediately after.

We curently have issues acquainted with my father because he could be an alcoholic. It generally does not assist that i have already been bullied considering that the 2nd grade for no reason at all at all. We began twelfth grade final 12 months and several young ones inside my college don’t like me personally. We play the role of this pleased individual but i will be sick and tired of hiding the scars on my human body. I have cut all over the place and also regarding the relative part of my throat. I’ve tried committing committing committing suicide about 4 times and sometimes We smoke cigarettes with my buddies to alleviate anxiety. I really require help! I simply like to talk to someone that understands.


Many thanks for reaching off to Teen Line. I am therefore sorry which you experienced such a time that is hard. It requires a large amount of courage to inquire about for assistance plus it seems like you’ve been in discomfort (emotionally and physically) for the number of years. I cannot imagine coping with an alcoholic dad, working with a broken heart and achieving to cope with bullies. You are hoped by me are able to find anyone to speak to such as for instance a counselor or any other adult? It involves me personally by cutting that you are taking it out on yourself. You can phone Teen Line and talk to certainly one of us. There was also”cutting” information and support ww. There is a bullying site www. not to mention you can contact the Suicide Prevention Hotline 24hrs if you should be experiencing actually susceptible 877-727-4747.

You might be strong (simply composing your e-mail is evidence of energy) and you’re not by yourself.

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My mother is definitely an alcoholic

17 old, Male, FL year

TEEN QUESTION/PROBLEM: My mother is an alcoholic and we simply want her to end. Our relationship is terrible, and I also don; t understand what to complete. My action dad is the identical, and will not state any such thing to her.

TEEN LINE WROTE: Hi, i am so happy you contacted us only at TEEN LINE. It seems like you feel anxious about your mother’s drinking, plus your relationship together with her. It’s never ever simple to handle a moms and dad that is additionally an alcoholic, because their consuming impacts their relationship with you, and for that reason impacts you straight. It really is also harder to manage it alone. I will be wondering you could talk to about your situation, such as a relative, teacher, or school counselor if you have a trusted adult. Often speaking with a third-party makes it possible to gain insight on the situation, along with weigh whatever choices you have got. We also desire to provide you with the quantity to Alateen, a twelve-step system created for loved ones and buddies of alcoholics. Their number is (757) 563-1600, and their site is http. that is: //www. Al-anon. It might gain you to definitely consider regional conferences. Us some more, TEEN LINE is open seven days a week from six to ten PM PST if you want to talk to. Our number is (310) 855-4673. We have been here to pay attention.

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