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How to make your essay TASTY: Revising and Editing the essay


How to make your essay TASTY: Revising and Editing the essay

good day ladies and gentlemen you might wonder why we are up here we also is you have to learn how to edit and revise your essay I know what you are thinking about steps tatooine to us while ordering and waiting for food let’s see how editing and writing an essay are different and why it is so important we want it is your affair so let’s go on we’ve got our order here we will start with revising to look at it we got a stake here I think that revising and editing the essay is by making the stake here so firstly revising the sky the overall surface of this state they should know plans will organize and decide in the place here take a statement the right style well is it easy to ey – si only you have a transfer add in some other context what is need like USA America might not have a thesis statement so at 1 then our staff or you move very to remove irrelevant staying in USA such as unfamiliar words nonsense and extra information even you’re working sentence and then style for me it mean two more sentences and faith that has a mistake I know you F is substitute for example your choice meaning this attitude where those are our youth and boiling okay there has been too much informations but let move on the editing part that everything here is similar with ingredient of making a steak has been only contract would not be enough you should focus on a detail to make yourself healthier same for arms they did hang this top the first letter cup C stand for capitalizations the your capitalization is name is Jairo and money are the basic thing that we have to be careful with capitalization error then the second cup you is you is the unit refer to the mesh of now than work for example it should be she writes a dot not she like adult the first topic please this type of punctuation of course is in the night has name of colon comma semicolon for soft and so on follow me the last property s selling faster since remodeling your computer and typing the essay right now there have to be more careful than before because it can’t edit yourself it can go along and yes the street have started the time necessary become super useful delicious so this actually that after writing USA you should take a break ah speak of it we hope you guys will get used to the information that you said yourself then please come back I mean why and edit your afraid so trine between by reading aloud and if you are the audience of your work and also here looking for accomplished hence listed last but not least is a good way to do a peer reviewing and conferencing with ta are your lecturer to produce koi silent grade F way and here you are the best meal ever

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