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10 Best Women’s Running Shoes for Overpronation


10 Best Women’s Running Shoes for Overpronation

Pronation occurs as weight is transferred from the heel to forefoot when walking and running where the foot naturally rolls inwards. Pronation is a normal part of the gait cycle which helps to provide shock absorption at the foot. It is the foot’s natural movement.

But if you overpronate, then it can lead to a number of injuries, especially as a runner.

Best Women’s Running Shoes For Overpronation – Quick Pick

If you’re in a hurry, here are our two favorite women’s running shoes for overpronation in this review.

Overpronation causes the stress on the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the foot, lower leg including shin and knee. To avoid this problem, you will need anti-pronation shoes.

The best women’s running shoes for overpronation will provide support and keep your feet, shin and knees protected from twisting or turning inward and save you from other possible injuries.

Do not take overpronation for granted.

If you are susceptible to it, don’t worry. You don’t have to compromise on style and quality while buying. As it comes in a variety of colours and models.

Thus, a proper pair of stable running shoes can help with your overpronation and will prevent further injuries and offer long-lasting comfort.

Top 10 Picks of Best Women’s Running Shoes for Overpronation in 2019

Best women's running shoes for overpronationEditor's RatingPrice
Mizuno Women’s Wave Inspire 10 Running Shoe
(Editor's Pick)
[star rating="5"]
Saucony Women’s Redeemer ISO Running Shoe
(Top Pick)
[star rating="5"]
Brooks Women’s Adrenaline Gts 17
(Top Pick)
[star rating="4.5"]
ASICS Women’s GT 1000 2 Running Shoe[star rating="4.5"]
Saucony Women’s Hurricane 16 Running Shoe[star rating="4"]
Saucony Women’s Omni 15 Running Shoe[star rating="4"]
Mizuno Women’s Wave Paradox Running Shoe[star rating="4"]
Brooks Women’s Ravenna 8[star rating="4"]
Pearl Izumi Women’s EM Road H3 v2 Running Shoe[star rating="4"]
New Balance Women’s W940V2 Running Shoe[star rating="4"]

10 Best Women’s Running Shoes for Overpronation Reviews in 2019

1. Mizuno Women’s Wave Inspire 10 Running Shoe

Mizuno Women’s Wave Inspire 10 Running Shoe
More photos & price on Amazon

The Mizuno Women’s Wave Inspire 10 is well known for its highly cushioned and supportive stability.

This shoe is specially designed for mild to moderate overpronators. Designed by the wave technology, this shoe will provide an extra cushion and keep your foot centred in your shoe throughout your stride.

The new advanced lighter cushioning material is used in this shoes. This shoes features with fast rebound properties and keeps the transition smooth and fast.

As this shoe has a wide toe box, it will be perfect, if you need wide toe area and high instep.

Also, it has great support for flat feet.

This shoe also has a unique midsole which gives you extra comfort and durability.

It has the ventilation system in the sole which removes heat and humidity from the foot. Thus, it maintains a high standard of breathability and allows keep your feet cool.


  • Great stability.
  • Lightweight and yet provide full support to your feet
  • Amazing protection from blisters
  • Highly durable
  • Great traction at heel strike
  • Provides cushioning to your underfoot
  • Overcome the problem like splints and cramps while jogging and running
  • The wider toe box


  • Not useful for the longer runs
  • You also might have a problem with the design and stitching


2. Saucony Women’s Redeemer ISO Running Shoe

Saucony Women’s Redeemer ISO Running Shoe
More photos & price on Amazon

The Saucony Redeemer ISO is a great stability running shoe.

It provides most stable and supportive ride while maintaining outstanding flexibility and running ability.

This shoe is well equipped with all of the innovation the ISO series. It offers a supremely cushioned PWRGRID+ midsole, dynamic ISOFIT upper sole really promotes a sock-like fit.

It is really lightweight and the IBR+ rubber outsole offers underfoot cushioning too.

This shoe features medial posting with embedded TPU pillars for ultimate control against overpronation.

The highly breathable fabric and removable foam insole will really impress you.


  • Great stability for over pronation
  • Supportive and comfortable and keeps your feet from rolling out
  • Great for flat feet
  • Sturdy but light with great arch support
  • It is highly durable
  • Breathable
  • Underfoot cushioning


  • Fitting problem with no arch support
  • Problems in the legs and hips after the long distances.
  • It may be too wide


3. Brooks Women’s Adrenaline Gts 17

Brooks Women’s Adrenaline Gts 17
More photos & price on Amazon

The Brooks Women’s Adrenaline Gts 17 is a great running shoe and will give you streamlined look with softer and plush feel underfoot. This shoe is ideal for the mild to moderate overpronators.

The moisture-managing element mesh ensures your feet to stay cool and dry.

The Omega Flex Grooves bend with your feet movement and provide great flexibility and support to your ankle and feet.

BioMoGo DNA is lightweight and conforms to your foot for a personalized fit. Progressive Diagonal Rollbar (PDRB) in the midsole counteracts your foot’s tendency to overpronate and smooth transitions.

The full-length segmented crash pad accommodated foot landing and delivers smooth heel-to-toe transitions.

You can simply trust Adrenaline GTS 17 to support you with natural feelings guidance to keep you balanced and running happily.


  • Great for both running and walking
  • Stability prevents discomfort and injury
  • Good cushioning system
  • Bulky look but still very lightweight
  • Wide toe box
  • Shock absorption


  • It may fit smaller than your regular size
  • You might find the toe box bit narrow
  • Mid-sole platform is stiff and unwieldy
  • Limited color options


4. ASICS Women’s GT 1000 2 Running Shoe

ASICS Women’s GT 1000 2 Running Shoe
More photos & price on Amazon

The ASICS Women’s GT 1000 2 Running Shoe proudly carries the seal of acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association.

It is made of lightweight, flexible polyester mesh and synthetic textile.

It provides great breathability and comfort. These wicking polyester linings move excess moisture away from feet and dry fast.

This shoe features dual-density midsole which improves stability and support. Likewise, stability system midfoot creates a pocket between midsole supports and enhanced shock absorption and controlled midsole deformation for efficiency.

This shoes also have the rubber outsoles containing abrasion-resistant material in the heels and forefoot material that provide you great cushions and increases traction and feel.

Full-length SpEVA lasting and full blown rubber outsoles provide mild to moderate overpronators an extra comfort.

Also, the vertical flex groove in the outsoles enhances the gait efficiency.


  • Plenty room in the toe box, midfoot, and heel.
  • Excellent balance of support and cushion.
  • Amazingly comfortable.
  • Lightweight
  • High breathability
  • Perfect for flat feet.
  • Good durability
  • Variety of colors.


  • The forefoot maybe too tight.
  • You might find the toe box to be a bit narrow.


5. Saucony Women’s Hurricane 16 Running Shoe

Saucony Women’s Hurricane 16 Running Shoe
More photos & price on Amazon

The Saucony Hurricane 16 is considered a very good choice for those who are dealing with overpronation.

These shoes are very cushioned so that you can run long distances comfortably.

You can run or jog safely at any time since these shoes have reflective parts which will allow you to be spotted even in a low visibility.

These shoes are recommended for training sessions of moderate/severe pronators and especially relevant for people with low arches. They are also ideal if you are out of shape due to prolonged activity.

If you have cranky feet, they also allow air to circulate and cool your feet.

It also has enough roomy toe box for extra long toes and nails.

The protective rubber outsole provides ample of cushioning and protect your ankle, forefoot, knees, and other lower parts of the body by reducing impact force.


  • Great fit and comfortable
  • Great for long distance
  • Excellent cushioning
  • It is dramatically lighter
  • The toe box is wide enough
  • It is a combination of firmness and versatility
  • The shoe is bit heavy but still has a great arch support


  • It may be expensive
  • You may find the toe box to be a bit narrow
  • You might feel larger and lack support particularly in the arch area


6. Saucony Women’s Omni 15 Running Shoe

Saucony Women’s Omni 15 Running Shoe
More photos & price on Amazon

Saucony Women’s Omni 15 Running Shoe is ideal for the moderate to severe pronator. It provides extra cushion, support, flexibility, stability, and smooth ride.

It is designed with a FLEXIFILM no-sew upper with RUNDRY lining allows an easy fit and wick away moisture. The EVERRUN top sole construction promotes smoother transitions in the heel area and also reduce any pressure or discomfort.

This running shoe delivers extreme flexibility and cushion-like comfort for a seamless ride. The Tri-Flex outsole promotes ground contact for enhanced toe-off capabilities.


  • Super comfortable.
  • Collar and heel sections do not rub irritatingly against the skin
  • Roomy toe box
  • Excellent stability mechanism
  • Great traction capability


  • The shoe may feel a bit heavy.
  • The top section of the upper unit- the general area of the tongue and lacing system may run uncomfortably against the skin.


7. Mizuno Women’s Wave Paradox Running Shoe

Mizuno Women’s Wave Paradox Running Shoe
More photos & price on Amazon

The Mizuno Wave Paradox running shoe provides exceptional support for overpronators. It consists of an elastic, thermal plastic wave running from the heel to the midfoot, creating incredibly springy and well-cushioned ride.

The Mizuno Fan Wave cushioning technology absorb shock and provide support throughout your ride.

The Dynamotion Fit upper provides a conforming, sock-like fit and feel.

This shoe feature with the U4iC material in the midsole which is light, flexible and optimizes cushioning throughout your run.

Smooth Ride Engineering adds forefoot flex controllers that will minimize your energy loss by increasing flexibility.

Also, it is now featured with the additional millimetre of blown rubber on the outsole for comfort and durability.


  • Good breathability
  • Well cushioned heel area
  • Vibrant colours
  • High-quality components and materials
  • It provides great arch support with extra cushioning.


  • You might find tit to be a bit heavy.
  • The heel section of the upper unit may feel loose.
  • Not very responsive (because of the heightened stiffness and thicker midsole)
  • It may be slightly expensive.


8. Brooks Women’s Ravenna 8

Brooks Women’s Ravenna 8
More photos & price on Amazon

Brooks Women Ravenna 8 is a moderately supportive and cushioned running shoe both for long run and tempo runs with ease.

The shoe feature 5.5mm of blown rubber in the forefoot for a soft ride.

Likewise, springier toe-off and an X-shaped patch of rubber in the midfoot will smooths the gap between the heel and forefoot.

A new air mesh is more breathable than the previous version and keeps your feet cool and dry. The upper section has a plenty of room so that your foothold steady.

The unique BioMoGo DNA midsole provides you with the long-lasting cushion. Whereas, the Diagonal Rollbar provides enough support to your arch through the midfoot.

Heel and midfoot caterpillar crash pad allow a smooth transition from heel-strike to toe-off. This shoe contained Flextra rubber materials on the outsole which provide you extra flexibility.


  • Lightweight
  • Enough amount of support without being bulky.
  • Great style and price.
  • New air mesh makes it highly breathable
  • Superior grip
  • Soft and reliable cushioning.


  • You might experience the heel slippage.
  • This model runs a little smaller and narrower than the previous models
  • May not be as durable


9. Pearl Izumi Women’s EM Road H3 v2 Running Shoe

Pearl Izumi Women’s EM Road H3 v2 Running Shoe
More photos & price on Amazon

The Pearl Izumi EM Road H3 is another great running shoe which provides stability and cushioning.

This shoe is designed to support very flexible foot with low arches and heavy pronation.

They are good and soft, which of course leads to lots of comforts. The toe box is wide, which avoids blistering, especially on long runs.

They are lightweight and insoles have deeply cupped heels that securely cradle your feet. Whereas, outsoles have rugged lugged patterns which offer good traction and durability.

Because of its stability, cushioning and lightweight will gives you a secure feel from toe to heel whether you will go for the long run, small run, quick run or more demanding run.


  • Lightweight yet sturdy.
  • Wonderful transition between landing and takeoff.
  • Accuracy of fit
  • Right amount of support, cushioning and style.
  • Variety of color options


  • You might find the forefront bit narrow.
  • Lack of durability.


10. New Balance Women’s W940V2 Running Shoe

New Balance Women’s W940V2 Running Shoe
More photos & price on Amazon

The New Balance Women’s W940V2 running shoe is designed for the moderate to severe overpronator who is looking for extra stability and cushioning in every stride.

This shoe is made with a breathable mesh upper that is lined with lightweight synthetic overlays. The insole contains a removable Ortholite footbed which features antimicrobial components for freshness.

The full-length Abzorb Strobel board provides maximum shock absorption and impact protection for the foot. This shoe is also equipped with Stabilicore medial support, which yields a smoother transition from heel to toe.

It is lightweight and has arch support and torsional ability. This shoe used N2 midsole technology which allows supportive landings with extra cushion.

The features such as standard forefoot width, toe box depth, instep height and heel width will really give you a good running experience.


  • Great stability
  • Lighter and more flexible.
  • Apt cushioning in the heel area
  • Better shock absorption.
  • Roomy toe box
  • Great mid-support
  • Good for flat feet


  • The arch support and over pronation control measures is a bit too prominent for slight overpronators.
  • The shoe may run big overall.


What are the Benefits of the Best Women’s Running Shoes for Overpronation?

Running is the beneficial exercise that improves cardiovascular fitness, burns calories and tones the body. But before starting an exercise or running program, it is really important to research the shoe.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing the women’s running shoes for overpronation:

Shock Absorption

Running shoes are popular amongst athletes for preventing several kinds of injury. These running shoes provide maximum protection against shock, which occurs on hard surfaces like concrete. The cushioned surface of these shoes gives the individuals a comfortable workout with minimal discomfort.


These kind of running shoes are significantly lighter. These shoes contain flectra material in the outsole, which provides excellent traction on all kinds of surfaces. Because of the lightweight rubber, it allows you to receive the desired grip during your run without feeling you are being weighed down.


As you will slip on these running shoes, you will notice the immense plush comfort of the padded tongue, insole, and Achilles collar. Most of the running shoes for overpronation include the removable foam insole that allows lightweight cushioning underfoot. Also, there is an updated V-Groove underfoot in some running shoes which creates a more natural release for a softer smoother feel. The fabric lining in this kind of the shoes also offer a great in-shoe comfortable feel.


The combination of sweating and wet shoes could have caused itchiness. All of these shoes upper mesh is the feature with a mix of synthetic and porous. Both the breathability and the drying ability of these running shoes are remarkable.


All these running shoes provide great support. This keeps your heels and forefoot at an equal height, which provide the required balance for a well-rounded running session. So, it will protect you from nasty falls or other sorts of accidents during the strikes.These are stable shoes that give you the support you need if you have moderate to mid high pronation. A stiff heel can make the shoe bit heavier, but it provides extra support under the arch.


All of these running shoes are made with synthetic material. Because of this feature, it prevents injuries, providing enough movement and flexibility in order your feet not to feel stiff. As stiffness can reduce your performance by making heel-forefoot transitions much harder.

How to Choose the Best Women’s Running Shoes for Overpronation?

By choosing the best running shoe you can overcome the problem of overpronation. However, there are various kinds of running shoes in the market, so you might get the problem with choosing the right running shoes for you.

Here are some criteria that can be used for choosing the best running shoes for overpronation:

Support Levels of The Midsole

Over pronating runners requires extra support and good cushioning, especially along the midsole of the footwear.

So you need to choose the running shoes that featured specialized posts. While this type of support can come in many forms, it’s important the focus remains on the arch side of the midsole in order to receive the maximum benefits.

Improper support in the midsole can lead to increased fatigue, pain, discomfort and even injury. So, while choosing your right running shoes, you need to consider the support level.

Heel Counter and Outsole

Runners with overpronation found the best supports comes from a running shoe that has a

supplemental heel wedge. A heel wedge provides additional cushioning and absorbs impact.

Since there are a lot of variations of heel counter design, it is best to have a heel counter with rigid and snug fit. Thus, you need to consider the design and material of the heel counter when selecting your running shoes.

Multi-Level Densities

Most of the runners with overpronation tends to have slight discomfort with single density foams. So, if you have this problem you need to purchase running shoes with dual density, triple density or any multiple level densities of foams.

Gels and compression technology assist better with all the issues that can cause this kind of situations. Use of these multilevel densities foams provides you the different level of cushioning and give you more comfortable ride.

Long Ride Comfort

In several conditions, the normal running shoe is still comfortable you on a short ride. But, when you are going on a long ride, your level of discomfort may increase.

So, it is good to choose the running shoes which have the ability to provide the utmost comfort and support on the long ride.

There are a lot of running shoes for overpronation designed to give off its effective performance for long distance runners.

Style and Colors

While choosing your running shoes you have the freedom to choose the most appealing shoes. Just because you are dealing with the overpronation problems, you don’t have to do compromise with your personal selection. As some design enhance support, stability, and comfort of the shoes. Of course, you want to have a good balance of style and features for your running shoes.

Proper Fit

While choosing the right running shoes you need to consider both length and width of your foot, especially for those runners who overpronate. To figure out the appropriate size shoe for your foot, measure your foot at the end of the day or after the long or hard run.

To measure the length of your foot, start at your heel and measure to the longest toe, be it the big toe or the toe next to it.


Overpronation can really get to you.

With the just right shoes and the right guidelines, you can overcome the possible foot related problem associated with overpronation.

Speaking from my experience, I was so tired with all the pain that came with it. I couldn’t even exercise properly because of my overpronated feet.

And ever since I got myself the best women’s running shoes for overpronation, I ran far away from all that pain.

Personally, I would recommend the Mizuno Wave Inspire 10 Running Shoe as this is specially designed for mild to moderate overpronators. And I only have a mild overpronation.

This shoe is designed by using wave technology, so this shoe provides extra cushion, support, and stability.

This shoe also has a wide toe box, so it will be perfect for wide toe area and high instep.

Perfect for me.

But in the end its all up to you as to what you require. Be sure to pick the right shoes for your type of feet.

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