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10 Best Running Pants For Women


10 Best Running Pants For Women

Running free in a comfortable dress is a fantasy to many. Isn’t it?

But finding the right pair of running pants while running is quite a tedious job.

I had lots of difficulties finding them. Whilst everything on the internet was for men. I decided to write only for the women. These are specially designed and made for you.

Best Running Pants For Women – Quick Pick

If you’re in a hurry, here are our two Best Running Pants For Women in this review.

No worries! I’m about to unveil all my best list of running pants. You can start running with your heart right from the moment you have them.

To all the women runner and enthusiast, this is a perfect suit.

10 Best Running Pants For Women in 2019

Product NameMaterialWeight (in pound)Price
Champion Women's Jersey Pocket Pant
(Editor's Pick)
100% Cotton10.6 Check Latest Price
EAST HONG Women's Pants
(Top Pick)
90% Cotton, 10% Polyester8 Check Latest Price
Baleaf Women's Running Thermal Fleece Pant
(Top Pick)
100% polyester1.1 Check Latest Price
CW-X Women's Stabilyx Running Pants80% Polyester/20% Polyurethane0.2 Check Latest Price
Motorun Women Fleece Running Pants88% polyester & spandex Check Latest Price
Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece Womens Pant67% cotton/33% polyester2 Check Latest Price
Lupo Women's X-Ru Running Pant9.6 Check Latest Price
Ronhill Classic GT Trackster Running PantPolyester3 Check Latest Price
Under Armour Women's Fleece Running Pant100% Polyester2 Check Latest Price
Sugar Pocket Women's Running Pant88%Polyester, 12%Lycra7 Check Latest Price

10 Best Running Pants For Women Reviews in 2019

Out of all those, I have shortlisted to 10, only the best and superior quality running pants, especially for women.

1. Champion Women’s Jersey Pocket Pant

More photos & price on Amazon

The Champion Women’s Jersey Pocket Pant is 100% Cotton; Oxford: 90% Cotton, 10% Polyester; Granite: 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester. There is a lot of high-quality material there. With a weight of 1 pound, these are lightweight running pants specially designed for women.

I came to know that these running pants are quite versatile. It delivers you comfort on the run whether you’re training or hitting the trails. Moreover, I felt completely comfortable wearing them to the gym, for a walk, or a stroll.

I even travel to many places with them. These are such a travel-friendly product.
I like its relaxed fit, a slightly tapered leg with a ribbed cuff that kept me happy and satisfied during my wear.

This running pant features an elastic ribbed waistband adjusted with draw-cord. It ensures flexibility and free movement. You feel amazed to feel a wide range of motion.

I love having pockets, they have side j-pockets to hold essentials and small important items that you want to tag along in your outdoor life.

Do you know that you can wear them real quick? Like in a matter of second. That is why I’m always on time in my training session.

The easiest part I felt was being able to wash it clean. All I needed to do was click a button and leave the rest to my machine.


  • Easy to wear
  • Side j-pockets
  • Machine washable
  • Elastic ribbed waistband adjusts
  • High-quality material
  • Lightweight
  • Versatile


  • It does not have a zipper


2. EAST HONG Women’s Pants

More photos & price on Amazon

The EAST HONG Women’s Pants is my favorite as for the durability and comfort they provide. This one is getting popular day by day, thanks to its unique design and appealing outlook. I love the way this running pant fits so perfectly, showing my curves well.

I love that this doesn’t go see-through in the back when I squat or bend. I usually have trouble with that. The fabric feels thick and of good quality.

It didn’t shrink or warp after the first wash.

I love having a pair of running pants with a pocket just the right size for my iPhone. It also has a little zippered pocket on the back for keys and other small items. These are also high-waisted that they don’t roll down on you when you’re running around.

I have worked out in them many times and they hold up great.

These are stretchy and will keep the original shape even after the intense workout. As this running pants have breathable property, there is proper air circulation in the lower part of your body. Furthermore, moisture-wicking fabric will keep you sweat free.

You can easily wash them with the help of a machine. Simple, right?


  • Machine washable
  • Breathable property
  • Moisture wicking
  • Zippered pocket
  • High Waist
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Unique design


  • Limited color choices


3. Baleaf Women’s Running Thermal Fleece Pant

More photos & price on Amazon

The Baleaf Women’s Running Thermal Fleece Pant is 100% polyester, only high quality. It does not use cotton for better moisture control. It has a sleek design with a nice outlook. The construction is seamless and the detailing is fine.

To keep you warm while running in the cold weather, this running pant has a light, soft brushed inner layer. During the summer season, you are likely to sweat a lot. The moisture-wicking outer layer will keep you dry and cool.

Apart from running, Baleaf is ideal for hiking, skiing, and other winter outdoor sports.
You will have a wide choice of sizing. This comes in different size and style. To provide you with a comfortable fit, it has an elastic waist plus drawcord.

Besides, it will keep the waistband from sliding down. You will be able to run freely. This running pant offers you a wide range of motion and free movement.

And for better adjustment, they feature elasticized lockable bottom hem.

If you are a night runner then this running pant will be suitable for you too. Its reflective elements enhance visibility in low light preventing you from accidents.

I take my cell phones and keys with me while I run. Thanks to the two side zip pockets for securing my things.


  • Two side zip pockets
  • Reflective elements
  • Elasticized lockable bottom hem
  • Free movement
  • Comfortable fit
  • Nice outlook
  • Seamless construction


  • It is a bit expensive


4. CW-X Women’s Stabilyx Running Pants

More photos & price on Amazon

The CW-X Women’s Stabilyx Running Pants are 80% Polyester, 20% Polyurethane. If you are someone who believes in an imported product then this will suit you. This running pant is the best one for women.

It has a sleek design that fits well in almost every body size. Weighing just 1 pound, it is lightweight and you will find it comfortable. It is due to the soft fabric material.

If you are a running freak and run miles in a day, then you definitely sweat. Don’t let that sweat stop you from running. These running pants have a Coolmax fabric that helps keep the body dry by pulling moisture away from the skin. That sounds refreshing.

The reflective logo will add to your style and prevent you from running into trouble during the night.

This running pant is very comfortable to run. I could run more miles in them. It’s because they offer more flexibility and mobility that makes running efficient and convenient.

You can easily put them on in a fraction of a second and start running right away. To make it easy to store your personal items, they have durable side pockets. Your valuables will be in secured hands.

You’ll be able to have good running experience.


  • Easy to wear
  • Durable side pockets
  • Coolmax fabric
  • Lightweight


  • It has a poor durability


5. Motorun Women Fleece Running Pants

More photos & price on Amazon

The Motorun Women Fleece Running Pants combine high quality 88% polyester and spandex. It is durable running pants with seamless construction. These are long-lasting and provide you with better running experience.

It has a warm and breathable fabric that makes it useful both in summer and winter season. In summer, breathable fabric will keep you cool and well ventilated while during winter, this running pants will warm your leg.

You feel more free and comfortable in this pant. It causes no discomfort or irritation as it offers the free movement of your leg. You will be able to run better in them than the other pants.

Personally, I’m thankful for the moisture wicking and quick dry features of this running pants. Its because I sweat a lot while I run. So, I am happy and fully satisfied with its functionality.

You can also actively go hiking, walking, strolling, or do outdoor activities in them. You will not want to leave your cell phones and keys behind. Do you?

Convenient zipper pockets in the middle of the back will help you store your small belongings.

These running pants are my everyday wear and easy go for my running session.


  • Convenient zipper pockets
  • Moisture wicking
  • Quick dry feature
  • Great functionality
  • Breathable fabric
  • Durable and seamless construction


  • They are too tight so order the right size


6. Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece Womens Pant

More photos & price on Amazon

The Nike Sportswear Tech Fleece Womens Pant has 67% cotton/33% polyester. The design is an improved one with added features. These running pants are of the highest quality and a sellout.

Everybody’s skin loves cotton product leaving the few. These running pants are 100% cotton. It will provide you with soft and comfortable feeling while you are running. You will not feel any itch or discomfort. That is for sure.

When you run during the winter time, it is obvious that your body warms itself due to the intense running. But to provide with more warmth and keep way away from the cold, they feature a Nike tech fleece fabric. Your feet stay warm and becomes able to run properly in the cold weather.

And as these are lightweight running pant, it will not hinder your run in any way. You will be able to run freely as per your will as it offers free movement.

To make it more useful, these running pants have a long vertical zip pocket for storage. And I love it as I can carry my cellphones with other needed items. These running pants are stylish too.


  • Long vertical zip pocket for storage
  • Stylish
  • Lightweight
  • Nike tech fleece fabric


  • They tend to stretch quite a bit and become loose after some wear


7. Lupo Women’s X-Ru Running Pant

More photos & price on Amazon

The Lupo Women’s X-Ru Running Pant is my favorite one from the list. It’s my everyday go-to pants for running session. I feel very comfortable running in them.

These running pants have a weight of 9.6 ounces. And that is a lightweight pant which will not drain your energy while running. Running becomes easy on them.

To help you run better, it has a body firming fabric that warms the working muscles. It will give you that boost of energy you need while running to get faster.

I normally sweat a lot during running. What keeps me cool despite the heavy sweating is its seamless dry tech. Thanks to this! I stay fresh and sweat free even after the long run.
Apart from running, it has multiple uses.

You can wear them to anywhere you go, be it the park, beach, walk, outdoor activities. This will be a fine option.

Isn’t the pant comfortable? If you still don’t feel that advertised comfort then they feature an elastic waistband with drawcord for adjustable comfort. Now you should have that comfort you’re craving for.

Many women runner have appreciated this running pants. And this has ribbed cuffs to help keep this running pants in place while you move. It will not wear off. Don’t worry a bit. Just run!


  • Comfortable
  • Ribbed cuffs
  • Elastic waistband with drawcord
  • Seamless dry tech
  • Lightweight


  • Poor durability


8. Ronhill Classic GT Trackster Running Pant

More photos & price on Amazon

The Ronhill Classic GT Trackster Running Pant has a classic yet stylish outlook that many has appreciated. This running pant has a design as per the latest study and measures. The durability is also worth mentioning.

Even though the material used is soft, it is tough running pants. This will provide you with needed support. Of course, they are lightweight, so you won’t be having a problem with the weight.

With its 4 way stretch, this is an incredibly comfortable and soft running fabric that won’t distract you while running. I really feel good running in them. In fact, due to them, I have developed a lot and improved my running skills.

We all love a product that will stay with us for a longer period. Right? These running pants feature durable fabric for long-lasting use.

As the pant has a great breathability features there is good airflow keeping your feet dry during training. It will keep you fresh and energetic too.

While running in other pants, you may have felt the moving or shifting of your pants. To control this, it has foot stirrups that will keep the trackster in place and stop them riding up.


  • Foot stirrups
  • Great breathability
  • Durable fabric
  • 4-way stretch
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable


  • They are little loose


9. Under Armour Women’s Fleece Running Pant

More photos & price on Amazon

The Under Armour Women’s Fleece Running Pant is 100% polyester. The quality of the material used is high and premium. It has lots of special features to offer at an affordable price.

These running pants have an armor fleece construction. It has a sleek design to keep you stylish. It features insulation materials to retain your natural heat. It will keep you cool and fresh despite the heavy workout and run.

While most of the other running pants tend to stretch more and get loose easily, this one does not. No matter how fast you run or how far you stretch, it will be in its original shape.

I love that these running pants have a great capability of wicking excess moisture away from the skin. This ensures that your feet remain in good condition.

As these running pants feature UA Storm Technology, it lends the garment a degree of water resistance. It means you can enjoy your run even during the rain but not in a heavy one.

It has a wide, ribbed waistband to deliver you a comfortable, secure and adaptive fit. You are going to love how good you feel in them. That feeling is precious. It would be like eating a delicious meal on a hungry stomach.

And to make carrying your stuff easy, they have a dual side hand pockets. It offers convenient accommodation for small items such as keys, coins or media devices.


  • Dual side hand pockets
  • Ribbed waistband
  • UA storm technology
  • Insulative materials
  • 100% polyester


  • Be careful with the size, they come small


10. Sugar Pocket Women’s Running Pant

More photos & price on Amazon

The Sugar Pocket Women’s Running Pant is an amazing running pant that has many special features. They provide a perfect and adaptive fit to all the women runner. It is quite famous and growing popular daily.

It blends 88% Polyester and 12%Lycra. The quality of the material is superior. That is the reason why these running pants have great durability. And a pair I bought a couple of months ago is with me, fresh and one.

Needless to say, these are comfortable running pants. Running requires stamina and comfort. Both the things should be in balance. As the runner gets the level of comfort they require, he will be able to bring positive change in his running skills.

And not just the running, this cool pants can be ideal for a walk, stroll, dance class or for the outdoor activities. I’m such addictive that I wear them on a daily basis and yet I feel comfortable wearing them.

This running pants are stretchy and have a moisture-wicking property that performs the task of keeping you sweat free. You definitely don’t like the odor of your sweat. That is unpleasant. Nobody likes it.

Because they have a four needle six lines sewing splice that is beautiful, non-friction and comfortable, I love wearing them a lot.

To be able to carry your cell phone while going for a run without having to carry an extra backpack is relieving. They have side pocket and back zipper pocket for convenient storing of your personal items

As this one is machine washable, I don’t have to waste my time and effort in getting them cleaned manually.


  • Machine washable
  • Side pocket and back zipper pocket
  • Comfortable
  • Moisture-wicking properties
  • Stretchy
  • Durable


  • They are expensive


Why is the Best Running Pants For Women necessary?

Why would you choose this running pants for your running in the first place? Definitely due to its comfort and flexibility.

More than that who would not want the pant that is ideal for many activities and still manage to offer high performance. I definitely do.

I love them a lot not just due to its nice outlook but for its best quality.

They are long lasting pants. That means one-time investment will benefit you in a long run. How cool is that? Plus, you’ll have all those memories with the pants and hard work of course.

This is not my fantasy, it has become my need. They basically run my day.

How to choose the Best Running Pants For Women?

I’ve had lots of experimenting with this running pants. And, through this experimentation, I have come to know many things about them. I know them inside out. So, I want to help you by giving you tips on how to choose/pick the best one.


You definitely don’t want your running pants to get loose after some wear. That would be disappointing.

What determines the stretchable quality of the pant is the fabric it flaunts. And, you need to be careful in choosing the one that is stretchy and flexible.

Moisture wicking

It is obvious that we all sweat during the run. The workout burns the calories and you end up sweating. Its quantity varies with the person. It will disturb your run, slow you down.

So, be sure to check on moisture wicking property of the running pants. That will help you with your purchase.

The Best Pick

I simply love the idea of running pants, but it is more than difficult to choose the one from all the best. While each pant is best in itself, I have a Champion Women’s Jersey Pocket Pant close to my heart too.

It makes me feel like a champion when I put them on. My close friend gifted me with this pant. It was initially my priceless asset but then when I first ran on them, I fell more for them.

It is good looking and comfortable at the same time. The soft fabric hugs my skin with care and delicacy. Everything is right on the spot. Bang! Just perfect these are.

Girls, go and get the right pair that suits you!

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