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10 Best Running Belts


10 Best Running Belts

Being a running freak, I would especially like to give my gratitude to this running belt.

They have made carrying stuff easy as well as more secure. It is like my personal power that carries all my valuables without any complaints.

Now, I don’t have to worry about my stuff getting lost or having to leave them behind while running. That is so much of relief.

Best Running Belt – Quick Pick

If you’re in a hurry, here are our two best running belts in this review.

Everybody loves their stuff. The fact that you are able to carry them without compromising your comfort is another pleasing news.

That sounds interesting, right?

10 Best Running Belts in 2019

Product NameMaterialWeight (in pound)Price
FlipBelt Running Belt
(Editor's Pick)
92% Micropoly and 8% Lycra1 Check Latest Price
SPIbelt Running Belt
(Top Pick)
Stretchable Spandex1.6 Check Latest Price
Yogareflex Running Belt
(Top Pick)
82% NYLON / 18% SPANDEX1.8 Check Latest Price
Dimok Running Belt Waist PackNeoprene5.6 Check Latest Price
Running Belt, UShake Fanny PackNylon/Lycra fabric3 Check Latest Price
Eazymate Fashion Running BeltSpandex,Lycra3.5 Check Latest Price
Terra Running BeltStretchy Spandex/Lycra1 Check Latest Price
Fantastic Zone Running BeltReflective material3.5 Check Latest Price
The Amazing Running Belt4 Check Latest Price
Silco Premium Exercise Running BeltSilicon3.2 Check Latest Price

10 Best Best Running Belts Reviews in 2019

To get you started with the running belt, I have listed my 10 best running belts. Enjoy!

1. FlipBelt Running Belt

More photos & price on Amazon

The FlipBelt Running Belt combines of 92% micro poly and 8% lycra. It safely closes and locks everything that you want to store inside. The fabric used is of high quality and skin friendly that does not cause any irritation or chaffing.

The flipbelt is a new trend and successor of armband and fanny pack. People of today’s world is definitely materialistic. Even if you are into a fitness routine or into running, you still want to get hold of your important accessories such as keys, cellphones, cards and lots others. It’s a way of life.

This flipbelt in specially designed to keep your belongings safe and secure. Isn’t that a relief?

These are extremely comfortable and versatile. You can wear them for a walk, long run, or a marathon. They are travel-friendly as well. It is the perfect accessory for festivals, concerts, vacations, shopping, biking, and hiking.

They are helpful anytime you need to be hands-free and retrieve your thing real quick.

The FlipBelt features maximum stretch and recovery stitching. It allows you to have a free mobility while keeping the original shape of the product in check. It has a 3M reflective logo that adds up to the style and outlook.

Guess what? These are very simple to use. After tucking in all the important stuff, you flip the belt inside out and everything gets locked in place. Simple right? It doesn’t move, jiggle, bounce or chafe. You will not feel it’s burden any time.


  • Simple to use
  • 3M reflective logo
  • Maximum stretch and recovery stitching
  • Comfortable
  • Skin-friendly


  • It is not waterproof


2. SPIbelt Running Belt

More photos & price on Amazon

The SPIbelt Running Belt is a simple but revolutionary product to go hands-free. These are quite lightweight and it reduces your weight too as you don’t have to carry your wallet, passport holder, and other phones. It will hold everything in, secured and locked.

The SPIbelt Running Belt is a new way to store your cell phones and valuables. Because of this belt, I travel worry-free of having to lose my essentials or fear of pickpocket.

And during my wear, I notice that they do not bounce or ride up. It stays in the place and provides you with a snug fit. But you need to make sure you store your goods in the right place with zippers closed properly. That way, you will not have to worry about the items getting misplaced.

This running belt is specially designed to carry your stuff with you while running. You might need to make a phone call in the middle of your run or use the money to buy something, the case may be many. As such they come handy. A new way to look into easy life without a stress to carry a bulky backpack, money belts, and another fanny pack.

I know you are wondering how on earth will they stay lightweight after all the stuffing? It’s because of the premium material that makes the belt as light as a feather.


  • Lightweight
  • Does not bounce
  • Premium material


  • It is more expensive than you think


3. Yogareflex Running Belt

More photos & price on Amazon

The Yogareflex Running Belt is the one that secures all your belongings that you want to carry while running.

Usually, I prefer running to new places, and I end up finding myself in a wonderful place waiting to capture wonderful pictures. I can easily retrieve my cell phone and capture the moment. That is the beauty of this running belt.

There was a time when running meant quality shoe, running pant and shirt with empty pocket. If you are to carry stuff, you would end up getting worried about them not being able to focus on your run.

This running belt is a savior from all those tiny problems I along with all the runner used to face back in the days.

These are easy to wear. The best thing about the belt is skin friendly thanks to the best quality fabric. And, if you sweat more during the workout, the belt will keep you sweat-free with its moisture wicking feature. Isn’t that great?

I never learned to cook or wash clothes. What about if this running belt gets dirty? I would simply machine wash them and have them clean again. Sounds easy? To your convenience, they dry up soon.


  • Machine washable
  • Moisture-wicking feature
  • Easy to wear
  • Skin-friendly
  • Easy storing of stuff


  • Limited color schemes


4. Dimok Running Belt Waist Pack

More photos & price on Amazon

The Dimok Running Belt Waist Pack is a versatile one. You can wear them while running, hiking, exploring, walking, enjoying the beach, park, traveling the world, and so on. Its use is limitless. And yes, they are a durable product with many happy customers.

I like to keep everything in place and in an arranged way. When I’m running all I carry is a cell phone, some cash and house keys. Without Dimok, carrying all of them will be frustrating.

It has eased keeping my needed items close with me while running. And as we all have a busy lifestyle, it is so important to be able to quickly reach all must-have stuff. Dimok has made it possible with its durable pockets.

Are you worried about the fit? They are very adjustable. Though, the recommended size of the waist sizes ranges from 28″ to 49″. Be sure to check the size before making the purchase for a snug fit.

I’m so much attached to this belt. That is why I wear them on top of clothes as I layer for the winter runs. Still comfortable and flexible.

Even though it says they are waterproof, it is wise to keep them away from the water. But your stuff will remain dry, thanks to neoprene material.

This running belt has a slimline design that prevents items from bouncing around during your activities.


  • Machine washable
  • Neoprene material
  • Slimline design
  • Snug fit
  • Durable pockets
  • Versatile


  • It is a little pricey


5. Running Belt, UShake Fanny Pack

More photos & price on Amazon

This is my favorite one. It has all the important features important in a preferable running belt. And my friend, if you are running low on budget but wish to buy it, I have a good news for you, these are wallet friendly. It won’t cost you much.

I love carrying them with me while I go for running just because they don’t bounce and chafe in any way. Strong adjustable elastic waistband promises it. That is a relief feeling there.

While the belt keeps all your personal items safe and secure, you can enjoy your run without even noticing its presence.

It comprises high-quality nylon and lycra fabric. To get rid of the unpleasant odor during your workout, this running belt offers moisture wicking and quick drying features.

While running the body stretches and you need to make turns, change direction, sit, and perform lots of physical activities. Will, it not affect the running belt? Not at all. Because they are stretchable and provide great softness to your skin.

It is suitable for 25 – 42 inches waists with fully adjustable elastic strap. While the list of the item it can hold is limitless, some are smartphones, passport, keys, credit cards, money, energy gels, and so on.


  • Fits 25 – 42 inches waists
  • Stretchable
  • Moisture wicking
  • Strong adjustable elastic waistband
  • High-quality nylon and lycra fabric
  • Wallet-friendly
  • Durable


  • Demands proper care to prevent wear and tear


6. Eazymate Fashion Running Belt

More photos & price on Amazon

The Eazymate Fashion Running Belt is the one that has a stylish outlook with great durability. It is a perfect blend of the innovative idea with creative engineering.

It is a brand new way to store all your valuables in safe storage. It stores a wide number of personal items such as cell phones, passport, some cash and you wouldn’t believe that it’s a running waist pack! How cool is that?

All you need to do for storing is just tuck the item in the pocket and zip them up, they won’t be going anywhere. Simple as that. The good thing is they don’t bounce or chafe, that means your valuables will be in respective place.

Personally, I use them a lot. I cannot get over it. These are lightweight and versatile that I even wear them for office to store my car keys and ID cards. The last vacation I went traveling I brought along with me this running belt. I’m was so happy I did.

These are such a travel companion, it helped me protect my money, ID cards, passport from pickpocket too. It made my travel safe and easy. Lots of thanks to it!


  • Travel-friendly
  • Lightweight and versatile
  • Does not bounce
  • Easy to store
  • Stylish outlook


  • Poor durability


7. Terra Running Belt

More photos & price on Amazon

The Terra Running Belt is the perfect mixture of durability and versatility. The level of performance this offer is on another scale. And yes, these are comfortable and easy to carry with a lightweight feature.

Are you tired of carrying all those bulky armband and money belts all at once to store different items? Then it’s time you up the game little more. Terra running belt is what you need. This will replace your armband and money belt as it does the job of both.

And I’m sure they will make your life lot easier while they offer complete protection to your holdings.

To meet with today’s world of fashion craze, it has designs of the latest fashion trends. Your sense of style will never suffer, no matter where you are- the beach, the gym while shopping in malls and in the market. Or, while conquering the great outdoors riding a bike or scaling a mountain.

This running belt will be your best friend and constant companion that you can rely on.

With this running belt, you can go anywhere in the world without having to worry about your valuables. And, yes, they have made running a lot more easy and resourceful.


  • Fashionable
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Versatile


  • They are not completely waterproof


8. Fantastic Zone Running Belt

More photos & price on Amazon

The Fantastic Zone Running Belt keeps your belongings in a safe zone while you have a fantastic running experience. Sounds better? A perfect way to go hands-free while traveling or going anywhere outdoor. This will definitely lead your life to a better one with its many useful features and specialty.

Are you worried about the size because you’re overweight and confused if it’ll fit right? There is no need to worry at all. No matter how over-size you are, they come with a variety of sizes and the good thing is they are stretchable. So, they’ll hug your waist with perfect fitting.

Normally when I go for a run, I usually take them with me. Because they are so comfortable and lightweight and takes care of all my stuff. And I can focus on my running. It is skin-friendly and won’t cause you irritation or any discomfort. And if you sweat, its moisture wicking features will take care of that too. A relief right?

I’ve seen many tourists carry this running belt in their travel because they offer the good storing option. That’s a good idea. And you can keep all your medications close by if you are on one.


  • Moisture-wicking feature
  • Lightweight
  • Perfect fitting
  • Stretchable


  • The size gradually gets loose in many wears


9. The Amazing Running Belt

More photos & price on Amazon

The name itself is enough to tell how amazing this running belt is. It has received lots of positive reviews and feedbacks from its customer. As the price is affordable, they are getting more popular.

Whenever I go outdoor, I carry a bag to keep my charger, ID cards, and other important stuff. That is good but it drains a lot of my energy. So, in my opinion, these fashionable running belts are better than bags because they never get lost or misplaced!

It has security pockets that are large enough for the passport, cash, cards etc. These are comfortable and easy to carry.

It has made my running much better and efficient. With everything that I need close by, all secured, I have no worries in my mind. That’s how I am able to focus on my game. All thanks to this amazing running belt.

How safe will your items be? With this fashion running belt, your things will never knockabout when you are in motion. And, will be safe from unnecessary damage.

It features a high-quality blend of spandex lycra material that is as soft as silk.

To your goodness, they are machine-washable, dirt-resistant and dries very easily! So much goodness in one product.


  • High-quality blend of spandex lycra material
  • Comfortable and easy to carry
  • Affordable


  • They are not that stretchable as advertised


10. Silco Premium Exercise Running Belt

More photos & price on Amazon

The Silco Premium Exercise Running Belt is the ultimate choice that has earned a lot of customer in a short period of time. The quality of the product is beyond good. They offer 100% customer satisfaction guarantee service that has attracted many.

These are a comfortable and strong belt for exercising, jogging cycling, walking, hiking, and much more. These are a versatile running belt with many uses.

They are a unisex belt for men and women. So, everyone can enjoy the beneficial features of the product.

You might wonder what items you can store. Let me tell you in brief. This running waist belt is expandable for keys, wallet, cash, small water bottles, fits phones smartphones, and phones.

And yes they will protect your contents safely while strong elastic waistband prevents bouncing and movement. This is the reason why I go worry free about contents dropping out while I run, walk or cycle.

I am amazed by its durable double pockets. These are so strong that all your belongings will be in good hands.

This running belt is water resistance and they have a solid construction. A reinforced zipper can withstand intensive use to help make your content safer.


  • Water resistance
  • Reinforced zipper
  • Durable double pockets
  • Strong elastic waistband
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile


  • The price might surprise you


Why is the Best Running Belt necessary?

Even though you are running, you don’t want to leave your cell phones behind. Do you? We want certain useful items close by, that is important for a day to day life.

Thanks to this running belt, the bond between human and things are in its proper control.

Then there comes security, worry less feeling and comfort. You name it, this running belt can provide you with immense comfort and will be your best friend. Always ready to help you, anywhere, anytime. That’s why I can totally rely on it.

How to choose the Best Running Belt?

So, your hunt has begun. I have some important and useful tips to share with you. It is going to prove you helpful.

Strong elastic waistband

You want a good ride, right? You don’t want your running belt to disturb you in your run or while carrying it. Often copied version of running belt bounces during the run and causes irritation. That is annoying.

Strong elastic waistband prevents bouncing and movement. You need to careful on this.

Read the customer review and check for yourself too.


Comfort is the first thing we all want in a running belt. Carrying all those stuff seems and sounds uncomfortable. On top of that you have a run, walk or indulge in your activities.

Therefore, you cannot compromise your comfort at all. Before trying the running belt to check whether it feels comfortable or not.


The running belt is suitable to carry loads of stuff. And you will still want it lightweight. Isn’t that? Well, the good quality running belt features premium materials that are as light as silk.

Being able to carry all your belongings and still, they are light, that sounds relief in itself.

The Best Pick

My best pick is Flipbelt Running Belt. They are a simple looking running belt with many important features. They may seem a piece of cloth with some holes in it, but they are a valuable piece. Made of 92% micro poly and 8% lycra, it will keep your item in secure.

Their versatility and the level of comfort they provide has made them my personal favorite. I have run many miles with them, travel to many different places and spend many days together. I’m a lone traveler but this running belt has proven to be a good travel companion.

It’s time you get yourself a best running belt and have fun with running and life.

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