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10 Best Running Belts For Women


10 Best Running Belts For Women

Weather it is to track your health, or you like having your iPod to listen to music when you are out travelling, exercising, running or walking, carrying around all your utilities can be chaotic.

Best Running Belts For Women – Quick Pick

If you’re in a hurry, here are our two favorite running belts for women in this review.

Use of running belts among the runners has become a popular trend. This accessory presents an easy way for you to carry your personal belongings when you are jogging or running.

Today’s smartphones come with all the utilities I need to track my health. I need my smartphone almost all the time. Especially when I am travelling and exercising.

Luckily, one of these best running belts for women have been a lifesaver!

Carrying items like money, cards, passport, mobile phones, earphones, wallet and keys all in one belt, has never been easier.

Perfect for travelling and exercising!

Top 10 Picks of Best Running Belts for Women in 2019

Best Running Belt For WomenEditor's RatingPrice
Easymate Fashion Running Belt / Travel Money Belt
(Editor's Pick)
[star rating="5"]
Sport2People Running Belt
(Top Pick)
[star rating="5"]
SNHNY Top Fit Running Belt
(Top Pick)
[star rating="4.5"]
E Tronic Edge Waist Pack Best Running Belt [star rating="4.5"]
Teorder Running Belt / Gear Bags[star rating="4"]
FayTop Running Belt / Waist Bag With Water Bottle Holder [star rating="4"]
Fitter’s Niche Ultra Slim Fitness Sports Waist Fanny Pack[star rating="4"]
UShake Gear Running Belt[star rating="4"]
Cyber Dyer Running Belt / Hydration Waist Pack [star rating="4"]
Creek Fitness Sparta Belt Running Belt [star rating="4"]

10 Best Running Belts for Women Reviews in 2019

For runners who focus on the technical aspect and have an interest in personal fitness, running belts are an indispensable running gear.

If you always want to stay updated with the latest running accessories, here’s a list of the 10 best running belts for women.

1. Easymate Fashion Running Belt / Travel Money Belt

Easymate Fashion Running Belt / Travel Money Belt
More photos & price on Amazon

The Easymate Fashion Running Belt is designed to blend with the current fashion trend and is made with the soft and stretchable material. It is the perfect choice for those who need phones, money, and passports with yourself while working out at the gym, jogging, running or travelling.

This stylish belt is made of the high-quality Spandex Lycra material that is soft and stretches to fit your waist and hips without appearing bulky. So, it comes for the different sizes for women to fit people of different physiques.

This belt has four small pockets in front where you can place small items like keys, wallets, phones, ID, and passports. You can wear this running belt not only to the gym or running. You can also wear it while travelling, going for shopping, bike riding, or during any outdoor activity.

The belt is six inches wide with the big pockets. You can carry Smartphones such as the iPhone 6 plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in this pockets. Its pockets have zipper designed in such a way that they are small, discreet and not easily noticeable.

Likewise, pockets are also tight so that your items are secured. There is no any chance of bouncing your stuff when you are in the motion. Also, your stuff is prevented from the unnecessary damage.

Apart from all these features, this running belt offers good value for the price.


  • Super stylish and can be worn with any kind of outfit
  • Discreet zippers in the pockets
  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Machine-washable and dries easily
  • Can be used as a travel money belt


  • The stitching may come off
  • This belt might not be ideal for pear-shaped bodies (hips much larger than waist).


2. Sport2People Running Belt

Sport2People Running Belt
More photos & price on Amazon

The Sport2People Running Belt is another great waist belt. Now, you don’t have to worry about the safety and security of your valuable things with this belt.

This belt is relatively slimmed comes with several compartments for storing small things like keys and cards. It also stretches to accommodate large devices such as phone and iPod and doesn’t bounce.

Since, it is made with waterproof neoprene material which protects your stuff from water, moisture, and sweat. Even the zipper is waterproof and prevents any entry of water in the internal pocket.

This belt is specially designed for the extreme weather conditions.

Quality fabric is also used in this belt which protects your phone or other valuable stuff from scratches or any other physical damages. So, that you can keep your valuable stuff like iPhone 6 Plus and other necessities safe and concentrate on your running.

This belt has two expandable pockets so that you can change the music on your phone or check a running app without dropping other items in the belt.

You can now enjoy your music as it comes with an earphone hole. By listening music, you can have a full energised workout experience.

The Sport2People running belt has 3 Reflective Darts which will make you more visible. So, if you want to go for outdoor activities in the evening, early in the morning, or even in the night, it will keep you safe.


  • Allows for a hands-free workout.
  • Expendable pockets
  • 100% Waterproof
  • Wide range of waist sizes (28-48 inches).
  • Soft material
  • It is suitable for both men and women.
  • Reflective stripes


  • Limited color options.


3. SNHNY Top Fit Running Belt

SNHNY Top Fit Running Belt
More photos & price on Amazon

The SNHNY Top Fit Running Belt is the lightweight high elastic waterproof belt. It is the great running belt for women who are regular runners or joggers.

It has a wide and large front pocket and keeps your accessories stored in a stable position. It does not bounce and keeps everything dry and safe.

This belt is made with a high-quality polyester Lycra that keeps everything you store in it completely dry. You can ensure your all valuable stuff such as phones or money or cards and are also protected from water and moisture.

Thus, you will get the best workout experience without having the problem like running belt bouncing around and feeling uncomfortable. Also, you don’t need to worry about tears or holes even on the roughest terrain.

This belt features with the highest quality fabric that easily allows you to carry your phone, money, keys, cards, and necessary food. Also, you don’t have to worry about getting damaged or wet.

This running belt is the perfect blend of durability, stretchability, and comfortability.

The size is also adjustable so that you can create the perfect fit. This will be a great investment and is slim enough to fit under your shorts or pants and does not look bulky.


  • Complete comfort and full storage running belt.
  • Fully waterproofed
  • Lightweight
  • High-quality hydration belt
  • It is very stretchy and fits waists larger than a 44-inches
  • Affordable


  • You may find the buckle clip to be too big
  • Poor zipper quality


4. E Tronic Edge Waist Pack Best Running Belt

E Tronic Edge Waist Pack Best Running Belt
More photos & price on Amazon

The E Tronic Edge Waist Pack is another one of the best running belts for the women runners or joggers.

This waist pack is specially designed to fit all phones from 4.7 inches to 6 inches. This allows you to carry your phone or iPod comfortably.

The waist pack is made of the highest quality soft Neoprene material to flex, twist, and bend but not stretch out of shape.

The extremely light fabric is water resistant and sweat proof which keeps your cell phone and other necessities dry.

This waist pack is also used as a money belt while travelling. It stays tight to your body and won’t rip or tear and keep your belongings safe.

This waist pack has a reflective strip on the front of the pack.

It also includes two easy snap-on reflective bands to maximize your safety. You can put these bands on your wrist, ankles, bike, and helmet.

This waist pack belt features a holster that will fit small water bottles. This waist pack belt is perfect for those long runs as it allows to carry a drink and also will not be too bulky.

Free waist pack extension strap is also available which will fit up to a 44-inch waist.

If you want to enjoy free hand running, working out, hiking, cycling or doing other activities, then this wrist pack belt is perfect.


  • It is very convenient and safe
  • Comes with waist extensions
  • Small water bottle holsters
  • Strong durable material
  • Water-resistant and sweat proof
  • It can be used as a traveling money belt
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Enough room to keep all your personal belongings.
  • Slick design and material
  • Variety of color options


  • Can’t fit an iPhone 6+.


5. Teorder Running Belt / Gear Bags

Teorder Running Belt / Gear Bags
More photos & price on Amazon

The Teorder Running Belt offers runners a flattering, no-bounce, easy access solution to carrying a smartphone and other supplies during a run.

This versatile running belt fits snuggly around your waists, giving you a streamlined and flattering look.

This running belt features a high-quality Nylon Lycra material that makes it water resistant.

Also, high-quality diving fabrics are used to sweatproof. At the same time, it is durable and breathable and makes you feel more comfortable when you are engaged in the outdoor activities.

The waterproof reflective zipper is used and the light-up reflective strip makes it safer. This running belt is designed with the convenient headphones hole so there will not be any hassles.

The Waist belt includes adjustable nylon elastic stitching band fits for size 28 inches and 47 inches. It has two storage pockets one for keys and another side for to keep your cell phone such as iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus, Samsung Galaxy S6/S7 cellphone.

Also, you can carry cash, credit card, id holder with yourself at the time of workout, jogging, hiking, running, and any other outdoor activities.

This running belt goes perfectly with your running shorts and also with casual pants. Additionally, this running belt stays firmly during your run without riding up.


  • Multiple color options
  • Enhances any outfit – from shorts to yoga pants
  • Large pockets that allow easy access to a smartphone
  • Adjustable nylon belt
  • Unique headphone hole design
  • Enough space for storage
  • Very comfortable and practical
  • Supports loaded weight without losing the belt adjustment
  • Waterproof reflective zipper keeps your essentials secure.


  • Buckles adjustments


6. FayTop Running Belt / Waist Bag With Water Bottle Holder

FayTop Running Belt / Waist Bag With Water Bottle Holder
More photos & price on Amazon

The Fay top Running Belt is another modern and functional waist bag with water bottle holder for both women and men outdoor sports activities.

Ultra lightweight still with amazing capacity is the greatest feature of this running belt. It consists of four pockets. Easy to carry small essentials such as mobile phone, keys, cards, cash, and water bottle.

This belt was made with the neoprene material that prevents sliding, so when you take out your phone, you don’t accidentally pull out your other stuff at the same time.

This belt is specially designed for people who are running. This running belt also fit in various kinds of the workout machines such as the treadmill, and elliptical.

The elastic straps and adjustable belt keep everything comfortably fit and prevent it from bouncing the items.

It also comes with a personalized headset hole design, let you listen to music while running, jogging and another exercise.

The belt feels so light and comfortable when you are using it like you will barely notice being there.

Additionally, it can hold many items such as your keys, card, phone and even water holder which is usually sufficient for most of the outdoor activities. You can also use this running belt as a wallet or purse during your everyday activities.

At the front, there is an earbuds jack which keeps your belongings safe while listening to music.

Also, the running belt luminous stripe protects you by glowing in the dark.


  • Suitable for any kind of outdoor activities
  • Dual adjustable buckle
  • Breathable and comfortable material
  • Water bottle holder
  • Perfect for both men and women
  • Can be used as a waist back while traveling or daily activities.


7. Fitter’s Niche Ultra Slim Fitness Sports Waist Fanny Pack

Fitter’s Niche Ultra Slim Fitness Sports Waist Fanny Pack
More photos & price on Amazon

The Fitter’s Niche Ultra Slim Fitness Sports Waist Fanny Packs Water Resistant Reflective Adjustable Outdoor Running Belt is another ultra-slim fitness sports waist fanny packs waterproof reflective adjustable outdoor running belt for both women and men.

The material on the Fitter’s Niche running belt is comfortable and protects your valuable stuff from sweat and rain.

One neat feature of this running belt is it fit various water bottles that hold a volume of 300-750 ml and also can fit different sizes of water bottles that measure the height within 26cm and maximum bottom radius of 8cm.

The best part about this belt is that it is specially designed to hold your cell phone when you are running.

Additionally, inner pocket is designed to keep your keys separate to prevent scratching of your phone’s screens.

Also, it contains the headphone cable hole allowing your headphone cables to pass through and you can listen to music while leaving your phone untouched in the pouch.

This running belt is adjustable to fit nearly any waist size, and it does do a good job by staying stable on your waist.

The ultra-soft and comfortable fabric of the belt grasp with a secure heavy duty buckle and reduces chafing and keeps it from bouncing.

This belt consists a 360 degree 3M Reflective Strip along the waistband that increases your visibility when running or conducting various outdoor activities at night or during low light conditions.


  • Ultra soft adjustable elastic band
  • Water bottle holster carrier fits 10-30 oz / 300-700ml
  • Perfect fit for a bigger range of waist size
  • Suitable for men, women, and kids
  • Durable
  • Water resistant
  • This belt comes with a larger pouch
  • Machine washable fabric
  • Lightweight


  • It may slip out of place while running
  • May not fit an iPhone 6.
  • Could have a larger store compartment.


8. UShake Gear Running Belt

UShake Gear Running Belt
More photos & price on Amazon

The UShake Gear Running Belt is another secure and adjustable running belt features with ample of storage capacity.

This product is made from a durable neoprene fabric.

The belt has a large compartment so your phones are protected from screen scratches from other items in the pouch.

This belt features water-resistant materials and zippers to keep your valuables safe and also protect from sweat, rain, and dirt.

This can be a great product for your hiking trip as it contains zipper compartment close by. Also, the front zipper enables easy access to the phone during your run.

This running belt from UShake provides you with the plenty of room for all your belongings such as the phone, keys, cards, and cash.

This belt comes with several pockets so you can have all your necessary items with yourself while running or jogging.

The reflective material is a visible strip on the front pocket for the better activity at night.

Definitely, this is another inexpensive waist pack which is perfect for those on a limited budget.


  • Keeps your essentials dry and safe
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight and bounce-proof
  • Straps adjust for waists between 27 and 43 inches.
  • Headphone hole
  • Very comfortable to wear.


  • Limited color options.


9. Cyber Dyer Running Belt / Hydration Waist Pack

Cyber Dyer Running Belt / Hydration Waist Pack
More photos & price on Amazon

The Cyber Dyer Running Belt/Hydration Waist Pack comes with a water bottle holder and is suitable for both men and women.

This belt gives you easy access up to 750ml of water without bouncing during your run.

This running belt provides enough space for your essentials items.

With water weather resistant materials it protects your phone, cash, and keys from the rain and sweat.

This belt has enough room to fit Galaxy S7 with a rugged case on it, and also a hole for headphones so that you can enjoy the music while running.

It has a small inside pocket for keys or change so it avoids screen scratching of your phone.

This belt features an adjustable elastic band which gives your waist pack a secure fit around your waist.

Also designed with a reflective stripe, it assures you safety if you go out at night.


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Reflective stripe keeps you safe for night running.
  • Can fit water bottle
  • Enough room to fit your phone
  • Headphones hole
  • Simple minimalistic unisex design
  • The running belt will match any kind of sportswear.


  • May get a bit bulky


10. Creek Fitness Sparta Belt Running Belt

Creek Fitness Sparta Belt Running Belt
More photos & price on Amazon

This running belt from Creek Fitness Sparta is another great option if you are looking for a running belt.

This running belt is designed with extendable strap with adjustable buckles, provide the proper fit for waists of all sizes.

Also, this fitness belt doesn’t bounce or chafe your skin. Preventing you from any discomfort.

This running belt is designed to be flexible and spacious, so you don’t have to compromise on space.

The Creek Fitness Sparta Belt holds any phone including the iPhone 6S Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and other items like cash, keys and energy gels and still has room left over.

This belt is made from high-quality water-resistant Neoprene which keeps your items safe and dry even in harsh weather conditions.

Additionally, it also wicks away your moisture during a workout at the gym.

This belt is ideal for the low light use as it has a reflective strip that makes you visible in the dark.

Sparta running belt is sleek and stylish, you don’t have to compromise fashion for function.


  • Bounce-free
  • Keep your essentials dry and safe.
  • Massive storage capacity.
  • Good quality
  • Can fit all essential items
  • Adjustable elastic waistbands


  • Plastic clips
  • Material can get too stretchy


What are the benefits of running belt for women?

When you are wearing clothes that have no pockets, carrying items in your hand can be very distracting. The best running belts for women can help you carry your personal items when you are out for a run.

Thus, by using running belts, you can free up your hands while running and no longer will be distracted by your phone bouncing up and down in your pockets.

There are numerous benefits of running belt as it enhances your performance and increases your comfort level. Thus, once you start using one of it, you will find it hard to run without it.

1. Pocket Space

Generally, the running shorts lacks pocket space. A pair of running shorts either have really small pockets or they don’t have enough of them.

Whether you are doing a quick three-mile run or long run (marathon) you need to keep your cell phones to play your music and also it is useful for tracking how far you have run and in what time.

Besides this, you can also keep your other essential stuff such as keys, cash, credit cards, ID card and energy gels.

Roomy running belt will provide enough space to store essentials items. If you are going for longer races then you will need to drink water or energy drink constantly. In this situation, you can go for a running belt with the water bottle holder.

2. Help Eliminate Unnecessary Interruption

The running belt can be an immense help during the long run as well as in short run like jogging. While running or jogging, storing all of your essentials comfortably in a convenient location will eliminate the unnecessary interruption. Running belt will give you whole running experience more enjoyable. This is not only because of comfort but also increase your performance because of the elimination of the unnecessary distraction.

3. Travelling

A running belt can be used while traveling as it will help to keep you organized. It will provide you with an enough space to keep your essential documents like passport, ID card, cash, and cards. There are the different ways you can use a running belt as per your desired needs. Also, you may need to extra space to keep your medicine while traveling. In this case, you also can store your all essentials medicine, and surely running belt will benefit you greatly.

4. Useful In Everyday Life

You can use your running belt in your everyday life activities. It allows you to hold your phone, emergency contact information, medicines, gym card and even a small water bottle for hydration. Running belts are weather resistant, which serves a much better than a normal bag or purse. This kind of belt are more practical in harsh weather conditions also.

How to choose the best running belt for women?

Running backpacks are one of the alternatives, but they are too disturbing when running races as they are too bulky.

However, the right running belt will help to carry essentials on long runs while evenly distributing weight and causing minimal disturbance.

However, each customer will have their own individual requirements, but here are some areas that everyone needs to consider.

1. Storage Size

Before buying any kind of running belt, at first, you need to think you want a really thin and light belt that holds only your essentials stuff or you want a slightly larger that might be heavier but also holds more of your things. In the market, there is various kind of belts coming in different sizes and design. So, you need to know what are you looking for before you buy.

2. Comfort

All of the belts which I have recommended above are quite comfortable to run. This is really one of the most important factors that you need to consider before buying the running belt. Because when you are in the running motion and you have something tied around your waist, you really don’t feel comfortable when it bounces up and down. You really need a belt that stays firmly in your waist and barely noticed.

3. Material of the Running Belt

There is a different material of running belts depending on the brand. Majority of the belts are made using synthetic materials. You need to buy the running belts that respond better to heat regulation and sweat absorption so that your body remains dry. There are the variety of options like running pouches, fanny packs, and belts designed for men and women. So here I have recommended different models with different features so that you don’t end up with a material you are unhappy with.

4. Quality

Before purchasing any waist packs, you need to do research on the brand, and quality of the material. If you want to have best running belts which will long last, you need to choose which is quick-drying, washable, durable, and moisture wicking.

5. The Color

The color of the running belt is also another important factor that needs to be considered while purchasing the belt. If you enjoy running at night, then you need to purchase the reflective running belt. As this kind of provide extra safety in the low light conditions.

6. Price

The most significant factors when you are purchasing are price, quality, and value of the product. There are different products for the cheaper price, but you need to think twice. Lower end products are often cheaper for reason. Of course, you don’t want to take risk of buying a running belt made with cheap quality material so that you have to replace it within a week or month.


Sports outfits are designed to provide sportsperson with a freedom of movements and balanced with the current temperature. Generally, sportswear has no enough space for storing things like phone, iPod, keys, cash, credit cards, and water bottle.

Fortunately, this storage problem can be solved with the use of running belts that can be worn during running, jogging, workout and many other outdoor activities. Running belts are very light and also hold a lot of items that you need to carry with you while running or doing other activities.

Personally, I would recommend the Easymate Fashion Running Belt/Travel Money Belt as it is fashionable and user-friendly.

This belt comes with smartphone pocket fits iPhone 6 plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 all sizes of your choices.

It is also made from a high-quality blend of Spandex Lycra Material that is soft and very comfortable to wear. This running belt has multi-purpose. Not only while running or jogging but also you can use it while traveling, going for shopping, bike riding, or during any outdoor activity.

But again the perfect belt for you would be the one that meets all your requirements.

Happy shopping!

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