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10 Best New Balance Running Shoes


10 Best New Balance Running Shoes

In simple word, New balance is a leading shoe brand in the market with varieties of high-quality running shoes. Why I’m saying this? Actually, the world agrees with that statement. Many runners along with commoner love the shoe for its purity and beneficial features.

With that said, the good news is that they are quite affordable. And it is never wrong to give a try. Trust me, your money will not go waste.

Best New Balance Running Shoes – Quick Pick

If you’re in a hurry, here are our two favorite New Balance Running Shoes in this review.

How good is the shoe? The word ‘Comfortable’ is enough to answer that. With a fine and low profile, the shoe is great at offering extra cushioning and arch support. It will give you best-running experience.

10 Best New Balance Running Shoes in 2019

Product NameMaterialWeight (in pound)Price
New Balance Men's Running ShoeLeather/Fabric4 Check Latest Price
New Balance Men's M990v3 Running ShoeSuede/mesh upper4 Check Latest Price
New Balance Women's 990V3 Running ShoeLeather and mesh3 Check Latest Price
New Balance Women's W1540V2 Optimum Control Running ShoeSynthetic3 Check Latest Price
New Balance Men's M1540V2 Running ShoeSynthetic2
New Balance Women's W1540 RunningSynthetic/Mesh2 Check Latest Price
New Balance Men's M1080V5 Running ShoeSynthetic1.9 Check Latest Price
New Balance Men's Vazee Pace V2 Running ShoeMesh and Synthetic3 Check Latest Price
New Balance KJ880V5 Youth Running Shoe (Little Kid/Big Kid)Textile/Synthetic7 Check Latest Price
New Balance Men's Vazee 2090 Running ShoeFabric and Synthetic2 Check Latest Price

10 Best New Balance Running Shoes Reviews in 2019

If you’re a new balance lover then this is going to be a treat for you. And a nice find for rest. Enjoy the 10 best new balance running shoes. Be sure to give one of them a try at least.

1. New Balance Men’s Running Shoe

More photos & price on Amazon

The New Balance Men’s Running Shoe is the best one with all the elements put into place. I’m a shoe freak and I love this shoe for its flexibility and stability. The name itself is enough to describe the shoe.

It has been well known as a comfortable running shoe. Be it the quality or durability, New balance is ahead of the game. A perfect shoe with a great outlook.

The shoe has an upgraded design and is an improved version. It is a suitable blend of quality fabric and technology. Latest technology along with complex engineering makes the shoe.

It is finely designed to provide you with a best-running experience. And you, my friend, are going to hang on it once you give it a try. Having a high-quality leather and fabric as the main ingredient, the shoe is USA-made. The sole is a rubber one that can bend and curl easily.

With a shaft measurement of approximately Low-Top from the arch, the shoe has a lace up the system. The step to lace up is simple and quick. Other important features include a breathable mesh upper with supportive-leather overlays. It is going to keep you cool despite the long wear.


  • Breathable-mesh upper
  • Supportive-leather overlays
  • Having high-quality leather and fabric
  • Flexibility and stability
  • Great outlook
  • Comfortable
  • Durable


  • It is a bit expensive


2. New Balance Men’s M990v3 Running Shoe

More photos & price on Amazon

The New Balance Men’s M990v3 Running Shoe contains a high-quality suede and mesh upper. With a weight of 13.6 ounces, these are quite lightweight running shoe with appropriate cushioning. It is a shoe with all important features yet, wallet-friendly. What more could you wish for?

This running shoe provides superb comfort for those runners indulged in high-mileage runs. I myself experienced easy running even on long distance.

With the help of the ABZORB crash pad on the midsole, every heel strike will become smooth. You are going to have a soft and comfortable ride on this one.

For runners who are fashion-conscious, this running shoe has a classic look of a traditional running shoe. That is appealing to a good number of users. And it will add up to your style and make you look good.

A durable carbon rubber called the Ndurance outsole provides resistance to the wearing of the heel up to the outer sole’s lateral sides. It offers a snug fit because the collar foam and pigskin upper wraps the foot seamlessly. There is no chance of feeling any discomfort. The shoe helps your running better and in comfort.


  • Snug fit
  • Classic look
  • ABZORB crash pad
  • Superb comfort
  • Lightweight


  • It lacks arch support


3. New Balance Women’s 990V3 Running Shoe

More photos & price on Amazon

The New Balance Women’s 990V3 Running Shoe is another best shoe under the same brand name. This type of shoe is specially designed for women. In an affordable price, the shoe is comfortable and perfect from inside out.

To be honest, the shoe looks a normal one to me when I first saw it. I felt the difference when I ran some miles on them. I still remember that run. It was so comfortable and relaxing.

This running shoe has a good design and goes well with the high-quality fabric. The shoe is durable and long-lasting as it uses the high-quality material. If you make a one-time investment, you will be able to enjoy the shoe for a long time.

Along with that, the shoe is specially made for running. The name itself says that. Quality soles and good lacing will make your running faster and better. Besides the shoe provide required cushioning that your feet want. And adding up the shoe is breathable. There is proper air circulation in the shoe. Your feet are sure to stay cool and dry no matter how long or short you run.


  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Quality soles
  • High-quality material
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Good design


  • Limited color schemes


4. New Balance Women’s W1540V2 Optimum Control Running Shoe

More photos & price on Amazon

The New Balance Women’s W1540V2 Optimum Control Running Shoe is a versatile running shoe. The shoe has special women-friendly designs. Things that made this shoe unmatchable is the level of performance it offers. And many of the runners have praised and liked its unique design.

Beside running you can wear them to your dance class, fitness class, walking or as an everyday wear. And, as the shoe provides you with a wide range of motion, your feet can move freely with a natural movement.

If you are a long distance runner, you are going to love this shoe even more. The shoe is well-ventilated which will keep your feet cool and good shape in a long run.

This shoe provides improved arch support, because of which it is going to be fun while running. It has blown rubber outsole for added durability in high wear areas. Believe me, this shoe will not let you down.

The upper construction of the shoe is highly durable due to which the shoe will not wear down soon. What triggered me about the shoe is the perfect fitting. It keeps your feet warm because of the roomy toe box. It is definitely going to give you a new running experience.


  • Durable upper construction
  • Perfect fitting
  • Provide arch support
  • Roomy toe box
  • Well ventilated
  • High-level performance


  • It is quite expensive
  • They are little heavy


5. New Balance Men’s M1540V2 Running Shoe

The New Balance Men’s M1540V2 Running Shoe is famous for durability and flexibility. It will give you a taste of the best running experience. More than that it is going to help you improve your running.

Anyone having discomfort while running? I think you should change your shoe to this one. With extra cushioning and arch support, you will, for sure, feel comfortable while running. The shoe will hold your feet perfectly, and take good care of it.

It is a lightweight shoe with 16.2 ounces weight. So, it is going to help many athletes achieve their goals. Beside runner, many commoners, fitness lover adores the shoe for its high-level performance.

The shoe is a result of high-quality synthetic and made in the USA. Synthetic sole provides more stability to the shoe. And, yes, the shoe is flexible. This is a good quality running shoe with breathable mesh upper that is going to make sure that the feet stay cool.

It features synthetic overlays and dual-density foam collar. It adds up to the durability of the shoe. The shoe is a long lasting one with ROLLBAR technology for improved lateral and medial rearfoot stability. It is my best recommendation to anyone looking for a good quality running shoe.


  • ROLLBAR technology
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Synthetic overlays
  • Dual-density foam collar
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight


  • It has a low-quality outsole that is going to wear out soon


6. New Balance Women’s W1540 Running Shoe

More photos & price on Amazon

The New Balance Women’s W1540 Running Shoe is the one that is trending in the market. Almost every runner knows about the shoe and how good they are. Not just the outlook but from its design to construction, everything is right.

The shoe is a result of every important ingredient put together. What makes this so special is because of its seamless construction. No irritation or discomfort while running.

I have come to know a lot more about the shoe in my year-long personal experience with the shoe. I never had any idea that as simple as a shoe that can affect your running skill that much

Many of the running champions have won the title running in this shoe. So, this shoe is openly praised by many oftentimes. The shoe has never failed to perform better. And as long as it lives, it will provide you with comfort, flexibility and needed support.


  • Comfortable and flexible
  • Provides support
  • Seamless construction
  • Trending


  • The shoe is pricey but worth every penny


7. New Balance Men’s M1080V5 Running Shoe

More photos & price on Amazon

When anyone asks me for a shoe suggestion best suited for running purpose, this is the shoe that comes in my mind. It is lightweight, affordable and offers unmatchable features. What more do you want?

While other normal shoe leaves you with bruises and uncomfortable landing, this running shoe has designs targeted to provide a comfortable landing. The shoe is good at shock absorption. It distributes the pressure of impact equally giving you a smooth running experience.

I know the struggle of running in that bulky and heavy shoe. I’ve been there. Now, even though the shoe looks bulky with every aspect at the right place, they are lightweight. It won’t disturb your running.

Many of the shoes have a sizing problem. If a size is not right, it is a problem. Keeping that in mind, this shoe gives you a very nice fit without being constrictive.

Traction is superlative, even in wet conditions. No weather will stop you from running.
To prevent you from injuries and unwanted irritation, the shoe features the fantom fit technology. It provides a seamless construction. While the shoe offers a great deal of support and flexibility, it still manages to look good.


  • Seamless construction
  • Fantom fit technology
  • Perfect fit
  • Superlative traction
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable price


  • It does not have reflective material


8. New Balance Men’s Vazee Pace V2 Running Shoe

More photos & price on Amazon

The New Balance Men’s Vazee Pace V2 Running Shoe is a sellout. Speaking of comfort, it provides that without any doubt. This shoe is going to be your ultimate favorite as it offers all the special features.

A run is incomplete without a pair of good shoe. Every runner knows the fact that a proper shoe can bring a lot of change in the game. This shoe is a game changer. It is one step ahead in everything. Be it the support it provides or the cushion it has to offer. The shoe is carefully designed without compromising the flexibility.

Plus, the shoe has a breathable feature that keeps the shoe well ventilated. Your feet are going to love the cool feel as mine did.

And if you are worried about the durability of the shoe then please don’t be. The shoe is durable plus long-lasting. Thanks to all the superior materials that contributed to making this running shoe.

When it comes to running shoe, they should be able to provide you with soft padding and stability. This one sure does. It ensures your feet remain comfortable and away from harm and injuries.


  • Superior materials
  • Flexible
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Game changer


  • The outsole can betray you


9. New Balance KJ880V5 Youth Running Shoe

More photos & price on Amazon

The New Balance KJ880V5 Youth Running Shoe targets the youth interested in running. Anyone can enjoy the perfect grip and comfort of the shoe. This shoe makes effort to meet the growing demand of enthusiast youth runner.

As the shoe is specially made for kid and youth, it has an attractive design with a lot of color schemes. It will provide you with the next level of comfort and flexibility.

The youth are full of energy and so as to cope with their level of excitement, the shoe is extra durable. It has a quality sole with the superior midsole and interior design. Such designs impress the young runner. A mesh upper is breathable and performs its task of providing good air circulation.

The main components that make the shoe are textile and synthetic. The quality of the material is at its best. And the shoe has a rubber sole that is flexible. So, it is able to absorb the shock and impact of every step you take.

The shoe in no way will provide you any discomfort. It is genuinely made to give a taste of good running. And, yes, the shoe is a versatile one. Besides running you can use the shoe for outdoor activities, sport, dance class, regular wear or for walks.


  • Versatile Shoe
  • High-quality textile and synthetic
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Unique design
  • Perfect grip


  • The shoe is likely to get dirty soon


10. New Balance Men’s Vazee 2090 Running Shoe

More photos & price on Amazon

The New Balance Men’s Vazee 2090 Running Shoe is an upgraded version of the previous model. This one is durable and long lasting with the best quality material. With a unique design and seamless construction, it is unbeatable.

The fact that the shoe ranks among the best one about the quality of the shoe. It has an appealing outlook and a low profile. Similarly, the level of comfort is truly great. Happy feet of the runner can make him a winner. That’s an obvious statement.

It features a low-to-the-ground cushioning technology. It provides a responsive and durable cushioning system in a low profile execution. Because of this, running becomes soft and smooth. Even though the road is rough and tough, this shoe still manages to provide you comfortable running.

The shoe has an innovative foam compound that provides responsiveness and enhances durability. Fabric and synthetic blends properly in making the shoe. And it has a rubber sole with a no-sew material application for a more seamless fit.

Not just the running becomes more comfortable, you will feel satisfied by the shoe.


  • Seamless fit
  • Responsiveness
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Appealing outlook
  • Durable
  • Innovative foam compound


  • It will cost you an extra buck


Why is the Best New Balance Running Shoes Necessary?

It is a dream of every runner to own the best quality shoes that are available in the market. And New Balance is one of them. It is one of the leading brands in the shoe industry. And, records show that the shoe has been there for many years because of its promising design and features.

Is the shoe necessary? Yes, they are by all means. You definitely don’t want feel discomfort while running. Do you? Moreover, this shoe provides support, flexibility, and stability. It, as a result, contributes to protecting your feet from unseen injury and blisters. Sounds good?

How to Choose the Best New Balance Running Shoes?

To begin with, there is nothing bad about the shoe. It is one of the finest shoe brands. But then we need to be careful before buying anything. To make sure you get the right quality shoe, I have put out my views on some topics. I want all to buy the best quality shoes.

Comfort and flexibility

A shoe came into existence for the sole purpose of providing more comfort than the slippers. At the same time, they should be flexible enough to walk, run as per your will.

On contrary, you may end in frustrations with a feeling of money wasted. That is why you need to perform the small test in the shoe shop by putting it on and walking some distance. That will help to determine the comfort and flexibility. A right decision can make you happy for the rest of your days.


Let’s say you got the shoe right, comfortable, good looking and all. But what if the shoe gets torn in about a week. Is that good? An absolute no!

It’s always clever to check reviews of the shoe you are going to buy beforehand. This informs you about its durability from the people who’ve used it before. That way, you will be able to get a hand on a durable one.


I’ve seen a shoe that is more expensive than it looks. Before putting your money on the question yourself. Is the shoe worth it?

Rather than going for an extravagant shoe with the big advertisement, buy the one which is affordable and has quality.

The Best Pick

Shoe! I love every bit of them. I have a huge collection of New Balance shoe. I just can’t get over it. These are the top listed shoes and my favorite ones.

When I have to go for that ultimate best pick, without a second thought, I would go with New Balance Men’s Running Shoe. You may ask why among all those?

Let me answer you. First of all the shoe is good looking with an attractive outlook. More than that the shoe is great in shape and size with perfect fitting. I do not have to compromise on the comfort level because of the finest material it uses. The quality is superb with more flexibility, mobility, and stability. It will contribute to making your running smooth.

Yes, I love them and adore them for many reasons.

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