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10 Best Leggings For Running


10 Best Leggings For Running

Nowadays people are more into fitness. Are you one of them? Exercising, working out and maintaining one’s body shape gives a satisfying feeling.

For that, you will need a proper gear.

Most important one is leggings! They make you flexible and offer free mobility of your lower part giving more impact in the stretching.

Best Leggings For Running – Quick Pick

If you’re in a hurry, here are our two favorite Leggings For Running in this review.

  • CompressionZ Men’s LeggingsEditor’s Choice for 2019 (best Value for the Money)
  • [DRSKIN] Compression Tight Pants Base Layer Running Leggings Women – (Moisture Control, Quick dry time, Washability, Comfortable and durable, Blocks UV rays, Aerocool fabric, Flexible)

Did I mention they are one of the Best Valued Leggings out on the market and they look good too?

Trust me you are going to love the fabric and many designs of the product.

So good!

10 Best Leggings For Running in 2019

Product NameMaterialWeight (in ounces)Price
CompressionZ Men's Leggings
High-Performance Fabric4.8 Check Latest Price
[DRSKIN] Compression Tight Pants Base Layer Running Leggings Women
92% Polyester, 8% Spandex Check Latest Price
Tesla Men's Leggings
87% polyester-13% spandex3.2 Check Latest Price
CW-X Women's Stabilyx Tights
80% Polyester/20% Polyurethane0.2 Check Latest Price
Women's Absolute Workout Capri Legging
87% Nylon/13% Spandex1 Check Latest Price
Skins A200 Women's Compression Long Legging
7.2 Check Latest Price
ASICS Men's Thermopolis Legging
92% Polyester/8% Spandex1 Check Latest Price
Womens/Ladies Cotton Spandex Jersey Leggings
100% Spandex Check Latest Price
Under Armour Women's Mirror Shine Legging
100% Other Fibers1 Check Latest Price
Under Armour Women's Fly-By Legging
95% Cotton, 5% Spandex1 Check Latest Price

10 Best Leggings For Running Reviews in 2019

I have reviewed 10 best leggings for running only for you to help you with your fitness life. Browse along!

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1. CompressionZ Men’s Leggings

More photos & price on Amazon

The CompressionZ Men’s Leggings are one of the best running leggings on the market. It is growing popular among people for its flexibility and the range of mobility it provides. It helps you to run better, faster, and easier in a comfortable way.

These are the most comfortable, breathable and easy to maintain leggings available in the market.

This will keep you cool and active. You will get a refreshing feel after putting it on. These are highly recommended for both long and short distance runners.

I love its material.

It combines the best and high-quality materials.

You will get this legging in six different colors and a camouflage design. And, no need to worry about the size.

Fat or thin, it fits perfectly because of the stretchable fabric is woven in the legging.

This comes in various size. Grab the one that fits you.

Besides that, these leggings have a health benefit too. Top notch compression technology in this leggings provides a fast recovery and an increase in blood circulation.

It will make your exercise easy and comfortable. The flatlock stitch, on the other hand, helps you to have an impeccable motion.

And it provides more flexibility plus prevents any chafing.


  • Provides flexibility
  • Flatlock stitch
  • Top notch compression technology
  • Camouflage design
  • Comfortable
  • High-quality material


  • They are too tight for some with larger quads
  • It is not unisex compatible

2. [DRSKIN] Compression Tight Pants Base Layer Running Leggings Women

More photos & price on Amazon

These leggings made of 92% polyester and 8% spandex makes it high quality. This is the reason behind their durability. And due to Aerocool fabric, it helps in moisture control.

This legging is not only great for running, but they are suitable for everyday fitness and sportswear as well.

These are flexible and comfortable leggings. They offer a perfect fit and the continuous washability. You can wash it with hands or machine. And the good thing is they dry up quickly.

The best thing about this legging is that you can wear them in all season.

They block UV rays from the sun protecting your skin. Besides that, these are stylish and come in a variety of colors for even the pickiest athlete. I love wearing them as these are so comfortable and give me an energetic feeling.

Another best asset of this legging is the Moisture Control for all seasons.

No matter how light or intense your workout is, it will keep you cool and dry. The moisture sensing is powerful and highly effective. It is one of the best leggings.


  • Moisture Control
  • Quick dry time
  • Washability
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Blocks UV rays
  • Aerocool fabric
  • Flexible


  • Made of ultra sheer and thin material
  • You must hang them dry

3. Tesla Men’s Legging

More photos & price on Amazon

The Tesla Men’s Legging is for cold winter months. It keeps you warm and soft throughout the workout and exercise. And it comes at a reasonable price but is still a durable product with the long lasting feature.

Plus, for all the fashion lover, this comes in a vast amount of colors.

Comprising 90% polyester with a 10% flexfabric this is the unbeatable product. It suits for all activities that are for both indoor and outdoor workout and exercise. These leggings are super flexible.

To go into detail, this legging is versatile and have moderate elasticity.

It offers you a high-performance air circulation. This draws moisture away from the skin keeping you cool and dry. It dries up in no time.

These also have a high UPF 50 plus guard from UVA rays that shades up to 99% protecting your skin.

There is a build in odor barrier within the fabric to guard against sweat that will keep you sweat free.

This is why I love this legging so much. No matter how far I run or workout, it always keeps me fresh and in good shape.


  • Odor barrier fabric- it prevents over sweating and bad odor.
  • High UPF 50 plus guard- guards against UV rays
  • Versatile
  • Have moderate elasticity
  • High performance
  • Long lasting
  • Durable


  • Its length varies on height
  • You need to size up for a perfect fit

4. CW-X Women’s Stabilyx Tights

More photos & price on Amazon

To all the female athlete and fitness lover, this legging is specially made for you. These are perfectly designed to fit you comfortably. It offers a wide range of usability and features.

To meet with the current fashion demands these leggings come in a variety of lengths and fashionable styles.

The most important factor to these leggings is the focus on its production. Along with being stylish and fashionable, it provides extra support to almost every muscle on the lower legs and core.

Kinesiology techniques in the legging ensure accelerated circulation, maximum endurance, and a fast lower leg cool-down.

There is more to this leggings than just a look and style.

And most of all, what I like about this legging is its support to prevent injury and achieve greater performance. The legging combines seasonal fabrics supported with 80% in Coolmax fabrics. This fabric keeps you cool in the summer and even warmer in the winter months.

One of the best legging for running!


  • Seasonal fabrics
  • High performance
  • Reduction in post-workout soreness and swelling
  • Kinesiology techniques- makes it more elastic and flexible
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Fashionable style


  • Inconsistent sizing
  • Variable length

5. Women’s Absolute Workout Capri Legging

More photos & price on Amazon

This legging is best for running as it provides you support and comforts the running demands. It protects your skin from the harmful rays of the sun. To all the athlete, runner, and fitness lover, this legging will fulfill your need and desire.

This legging has a top-notch moisture design barrier.

And as the material used are high quality and stretchable, they are great for all body types and sizes. The fabric is a genuine stretch high-quality material and you can wear it for casual wear while running or at a gym.

These will be your “go to” running legging as these are easy to wear and offers a quick dry time.

You will definitely love its smooth design and material that make them comfortable for running and other athletic activities. Moisture-wicking management technology will keep you dry and cool. Also, this help prevents the infamous chaffing.

And these are perfect for those who want less compression, yet a tight fit.

The good thing is this legging has an elastic closure on the waist so that they don’t come down during those long runs and workouts. Now, you can enjoy your running freely and comfortably.


  • Tight fit
  • Moisture-wicking management technology
  • Smooth design
  • Maximum comfort


  • Unpredictable sizing
  • Not many color and style

6. Skins A200 Women’s Compression Long Legging

More photos & price on Amazon

It is one of the trending leggings in the market with unique design and a perfect fit. This legging is a true example of science, technology, and complex engineering. The product is the first choice of many runner, trainer and fitness lover.

These leggings are perfect for those who desire a higher level of performance with the best compression and air circulation.

It may seem like a simple legging to many but, they will help you with muscle support and injury protection. You will be truly satisfied with the benefits and features of the leggings. And this legging has a pocket as well to keep your wallet or mobile phone.

The durability is praiseworthy. Made of superior quality material these leggings are suitable even in the toughest conditions and sports. It’s worth your money. This legging is skin friendly and protects your skin from the UV rays of the sun.

Likewise, it offers you high-level performance, and a quicker lower body muscle cool down and fast recovery.

It features an adaptive fit. The scientific fabric technology keeps you cool and dry throughout the run and training session. The washability features are great with a quick dry time.


  • Washability feature
  • Scientific fabric technology
  • High-level performance
  • Superior quality material
  • Helps in muscle support
  • Injury protection


  • limited size
  • Limited color

7. ASICS Men’s Thermopolis Legging

More photos & price on Amazon

The ASICS Men’s Thermopolis Legging will provide you with warmth in any weather and make you feel stylish while doing so. They offer a smooth feel that ensures your figure is well-taken care. And, due to its good stitch design and flattened seams, they prevent chafing and help avoid irritated skin afterward.

When it comes to its fitting, it comes out well in its shape formed waistband. And makes it fit you perfectly which increases comfort and flexibility.

What makes this running legging so special? It’s fabric! The fabric is soft and well brushed to provide ultimate comfort and the required warmth. This eases running, it takes care of you while you concentrate on your activities.

Beside that its two-way fabric gives the runner ample time when putting it on.

When it gets dirty from one side I wear it the other way. Sounds clever?

These specially designed leggings provide you a muscle support and boost the circulation.

In short, these are good quality leggings in every way from its design, size to price.


  • Provide muscle support
  • Two-way fabrics
  • Soft fabric
  • Perfect fitting
  • Well stitch design
  • Flattened seams


  • Non-reflective
  • Expensive but good for long runs

8. Women’s/Ladies Cotton Spandex Jersey Leggings

More photos & price on Amazon

Good quality leggings can bring about a great difference in your daily activities. This can help you with your running, exercise and workout. It provides you the comfort that makes you more active in your activities.

Well, I considered making this one on my list since it qualifies to be among the best.

I love the feeling I get when I put them on. It is so comfortable. Superior quality cotton makes them even more soft and special.

To me, this is the best legging!

And washing them is super easy. I can easily put them on the machine, I do not have to bother about washing it with hands.

If you ask me about its size variations, it is available in all sizes. Every body-type of a person can opt for this legging.

Order your size and you’re set to go!.

The waist comprises an elastic material that means no loose hanging cloth all over you as you run. You will not have to adjust them time to time. These are perfect for effective and convenient running.

It provides a good running experience.


  • Elastic material
  • Washable
  • Perfect fitting
  • High-quality material
  • Comfortable


  • You need to take good care of them as they tend to pill if not handled with care
  • Limited style and design

9. Under Armour Women’s Mirror Shine Legging

More photos & price on Amazon

The Under Armor Women’s Mirror Shine Legging is a lightweight legging perfect for running. It provides you with warmth and comfort while running. And the best thing is that it helps you get rid of moisture and sweats during your run.

These leggings have a high-quality fabric. And, they are super flexible with a dry-fit feature. That’s why these leggings are very comfortable and the best for running.

Do you get that irritation and chafing while working out or running? No more of that now.

The legging has a flattened seam that prevents irritation and chaffing while moving very softly. This is the sole reason why it is suitable for almost any type of sporting activity. You can run, exercise, workout or play any sports.

The choice is yours.

It never fails to fulfill its purpose. It offers great support due to its compressible feature and a perfect fitting. Your muscle gets support too.

There is more to it than their looks.

And, because it adapts advanced and latest technology in production, the quality is great. This is a kind with praiseworthy durability.

These are a versatile legging that is suitable for all sporting activities be it outdoor or indoors.


  • Advanced and latest technology
  • Versatile legging
  • Lightweight legging
  • Flattened seams
  • doi-FIT
  • Flexible and comfortable


  • Lots of complaints from clients about size being small after purchase
  • Bit expensive

10. Under Armour Women’s Fly-By Legging

More photos & price on Amazon

The Under Armor Women’s Fly-By Legging is the best legging made only for women as the name says it. These are so comfortable that it provides you with a flying experience when you put them on. To all the women athlete, enthusiast, runner this legging can bring a great positive change.

This legging fits well, remains intact with your body, and you don’t need to consider adjusting them. That is going to save you a whole lot of energy, time plus, focus.

These are lightweight and are comfortable pairs with a decent hold on your body.

Moisture control feature keeps your body dry and light. You can run, workout, or, perform activities without feeling irritated.

This provides you with adequate support with its soft feel. It has just the grip that any runner craves for. About flexibility, these are flexible with its 4-way stretch which gives you a good movement. Also, it keeps your body in shape.

For your convenience, it has a small hidden pocket to keep phones or mp3 player to listen to music when running.


  • Small hidden pockets
  • 4-way stretch
  • Moisture control
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Perfect fitting


  • Limited color and style
  • Proper care should be given during the wear

Why are the Best Leggings For Running necessary?

Running in shorts or trouser is also ok, but, they do not offer much comfort as the leggings do. Leggings are specially designed for running and fitness activities.

And, they offer a faster recovery from swelling and post-run injuries.

Leggings are equally comfortable and beneficial for a short or long distance runner, a cyclist or a tough mudder.

The right legging not only boosts your performance but also establishes a path to a healthier lifestyle. Ultimately it will lead you to one steps ahead to success.

How to choose the Best Leggings For Running?

Choosing the best running leggings is simple yet difficult. Simple as there are so many options to choose from. While difficult as you can end up with duplicate quality leggings.

I have noted some points that might help you deal with it.

Seasonal differences

Let’s say, you live somewhere that experiences hot summers and cold winters. In this case, you’re going to need different running leggings for different seasons for your own convenience.

For the colder months, look for options that offer fleece-lined interiors that will keep you warm.

For summer months, the ideal way to go is synthetic fabrics. As the fabric helps to keep sweat away from your skin and allow it to evaporate. It will keep you cool and dry.

Individual comfort need

Everybody is different with different comfort needs. It’s important to make a selection that best matches your individual needs and desire for comfort.

Most runners experience chaffing in different regions of their bodies. The right pair of leggings can help cure it.

So, know your comfort need first.

The Best Pick

Of all the other best leggings my best pick is CompressionZ Men’s Legging. It is a sell out legging that is so much popular among the athletes and runners. These are widely used for their high-quality fabric and level of comfort they provide.

The legging is extra flexible with flatlock stitches. Also, I can choose my nest color from multiple options in no time. And, not to miss is the comfort it offers while running.

So, it is my best and a personal favorite. If you don’t have one then now is the right time.

Don’t worry about money as it comes at an affordable price and is worth your every penny.

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