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10 Best Headphones for Running


10 Best Headphones for Running

In the first place, I was never into headphones. But a friend gifted me one and I had no choice than to give it a try. I gave it a shot. I’m loving every bit of it.

And I feel so proud for taking that decision.

Best Headphones for Running – Quick Pick

If you’re in a hurry, here are our two favorite Headphones for Running in this review.

  • AmazonBasics Lightweight On-Ear HeadphonesEditor’s Choice for 2019 (best Value for the Money)
  • Artix Headphones – (Compatible, Sleek nylon cloth colored tangle-free cable, Smart built-in in-line mic, Adjustable band, Ultra lightweight, Comfortable, Easy to wear, Best quality sound)

I mean, they look so bulky and uneasy thing to be carrying along on the head while running but they are not.

It is not what it seems. Running has always been my passion and now this headphone is my addiction. Running without them is dull and boring.

Comfortable and high quality of sound is sure to make you fall in love with this product.

The fact that I’m spending my time writing about them is just enough to make you realize how much I love them.

Running and listening to music has been my passion. And with these headphones, my affection for passion has increased even more.

10 Best Headphones for Running in 2019

Product NameDimension (inches)WeightPrice
AmazonBasics Lightweight On-Ear Headphones
5.5 x 2.5 x 6.83.73 ounces Check Latest Price
Ailihen I35 Stereo Lightweight Foldable Headphones12 x 6 x 30.7 lb Check Latest Price
Artix Headphones7.9 x 6.3 x 30.6 lb Check Latest Price
LilGadgets Connect+ Premium Volume Limited Wired Headphones9.2 x 9 x 3.38 ounces Check Latest Price
Edifier H650 Hi-Fi On-Ear Headphones8.5 x 7 x 2.40.55 lb Check Latest Price
RockPapa Over Ear Stereo Headphones7.9 x 7.5 x 3.10.55 lb Check Latest Price
AUSDOM Lightweight Over-Ear Wired HiFi Stereo Headphones8.1 x 7.6 x 3.60.75 lb Check Latest Price
Gorsun lightweight headphones6 x 6 x 38 ounces Check Latest Price
Headphones, Sound Intone I65 Headphones0.7 x 0.6 x 0.30.75 lb Check Latest Price
Vogek On Ear Headphones6.3 x 5.1 x 1.66.4 ounces Check Latest Price

10 Best Headphones for Running Reviews in 2019

Enjoy running in one of the below mentioned 10 best headphones. Only listen to good quality sound!

1. AmazonBasics Lightweight On-Ear Headphones

More photos & price on Amazon

Generally, when it comes to headphones, people refer to them as bulky stuff. AmazonBasics headphones will prove you wrong. They are lightweight and will not slow your pace.

This headphone will take you to audio wonderland.

With its comfortable on-ear design, the headphones will stick to your ear until you take it off.

The cushioned ear pads will minimize outside noise. Thus, providing you with good quality sound and amazing audio surround experience.

With the new and advanced 36 mm dome-type driver unit, it will provide you with high-quality sound.

Plus the package includes carrying bag too. It offers protection and travel convenience.

I like its fold-flat portable design. Due to swivel ear cups, the headphones can lay flat for compact storage.

This fold-flat portable design makes the headphones portable. You can take these on the long vacation or business trip or store in your desk drawer.

They have a sleek style, slim profile, and an adjustable contoured headband.

You can keep on enjoying getting lost in your private world for a longer time. Because the battery excels more than the normal ones. The level of the performance is high too.

You will get a 47.25-inch cord with L-shaped stereo mini plug to connect to your phone, MP3 player, computer or any audio device.


  • L-shaped stereo mini plug
  • Slim style, slim profile and an adjustable contoured headband
  • High-level performance
  • Lightweight
  • Fold-flat portable design
  • 36 mm dome-type driver unit


  • They are not ideal for commuting
  • The small ear cups don’t efficiently prevent ambient noise from entering your audio so you still hear outside noise


2. Ailihen I35 Stereo Lightweight Foldable Headphones

More photos & price on Amazon

The Ailihen foldable headphones are foldable of course as the name itself suggest. This helps to carry it an easy and convenient way. Its ergonomic design is sure to make you feel comfortable wearing it.

It will make you feel easy and stylish.

This offers a lot of easy options. You just need to hook up the tangle free, braided-nylon cord equipped with an in-line mic for taking calls, firing up your tunes, pausing them and controlling the tracks on your mix. Simple right?

Who knows what is so simple about this device?

Pairing up! The straight jack easily rocks with all devices and cases. And the compact, adjustable headband will fit growing kids and teens. This is for everyone.

The next best thing is they are not only suitable for running. The smooth-sliding adjustments and lightweight features make it a good travel companion. The plush circular ear cups fold up in the palm of your hand making it portable and handy.

So, you invested your money in it and you expect the money worth feedback from it.

Its 40mm dividers produce a high-quality sound that will give justice to your investment. Also, for your comfort, leatherette cushions and padded headband are carefully designed with every small detailing.

With its sound isolation feature, no matter how noisy the outside world is, they will give you immersive listening.


  • Sound isolation feature
  • Leatherette cushions
  • Padded headband
  • 40mm dividers
  • Straight jack
  • Ergonomic design
  • High-quality sound
  • Comfortable and lightweight


  • They don’t have a decent control scheme
  • Non-detachable cable could bother some during heavy exercise.


3. Artix Headphones

More photos & price on Amazon

The Artix Headphones are one of the best headphones you could find. Not just comfortable and easy to wear, they are great in the functionality. It offers a high level of performance that will satisfy you.

The first thing that comes to mind before taking these headphones for running is, is it a wise decision?

You don’t want to waste your time and energy handling them. Do you? So, many prefer not to run freely.

But let me tell you guys that Artix Headphones are not going to trouble you.

They are comfortable and stylish. It offers premium comfort with pillow-soft ear cups that will make your ear addict to it.

The headsets are dual colored and are bound to make sure you stand out in any crowd with a variety of stylish colors to choose from.

When it comes to weight, you will feel amazed by their lightweight features.

The ultra-lightweight design will allow you to dance along to all of your favorite tunes. It will not add pressure and weight to your ears and head. The adjustable band allows you to get the perfect fit for your head shape and will not fall in any case or so.

So, you get a call while enjoying the music. No need to unplug the earphone. You can answer the call with the inbuilt microphone. Answer or end calls, activate voice control, skip tracks with a smart built-in in-line mic, the step is easy.

The earphones also have a sleek nylon cloth colored tangle-free cable to make things easier.

And the best thing is you get so many options. They are compatible with iPhone, iPad, all Androids, tablets, mp3 players, and related devices with a standard 3.5 mm jack.


  • Compatible
  • Sleek nylon cloth colored tangle-free cable
  • Smart built-in in-line mic
  • Adjustable band
  • Ultra lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Easy to wear
  • Best quality sound


  • Not ideal for quiet office as they are slightly leaky at higher volumes
  • Limited color choices


4. LilGadgets Connect+ Premium Volume Limited Wired Headphones

More photos & price on Amazon

The Lilgadgets headphone is the next best thing to have. Not just for a fitness aware person, it is reliable to all the audio passionate especially music lover people. The quality of the sound is just soothing and of high quality melodious.

Talking about the comfort, I find them very comfortable and pleasing to the ears.

Normally, when you put on this things for a long continuous hour, ear tends to get hurt. But no more of that with this new and advanced headphones.

They are the best and lightweight headphones highly recommended for all the runners.

This is sure to make your running experience even better.

You will forget about the exhausting feeling you get after having run some miles. Because you will be busy in your own private world enjoying your favorite music.

They are popular as sporty headphones. And are specially designed for the kids.

They find a way to break or damage them. But parents, you don’t have to worry a thing. If you incur any failure then they have a 100% pay-back guarantee.

And, it is sure to provide the needed satisfaction.

This headphone is highly recommended for ages 2-8 and the volume limits to 93db.


  • Full satisfaction
  • Designed for the kids
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Hugh quality sound
  • Easy to wear


  • Poor durability
  • Annoying cable


5. Edifier H650 Hi-Fi On-Ear Headphones

More photos & price on Amazon

The Edifier headphone has flexible stainless steel. The flexibility lets you fold and pack easily in tight space too. You can easily adjust the headband to fit the size of your head to enjoy the music.

From a child to an adult they will withstand any abuse and stick to your ear unless you pull it out.

Generally, when I go running, I take them with me. I run my favorite song in the background. The feeling is surreal.

Never have to worry about the weight or anything.

They are just fine and perfect in every way. And that is why you could rock on them for watching a movie, in bed, outdoor playing sports, office or anywhere.

And, 40mm high-quality neodymium magnet driver is there to produce superb, clear and loud sound.

You can easily fold it in half.

They are portable and the process to fold is simple and easy. Another gear perfect for travel that will make your travel more interesting. So, you are much into it and don’t want to wear it off.

Totally cool!

Despite wearing it all day, they are still comfortable and the ear is not harmed. Soft leather ear-cup and adjustable headband are the reason behind the comfortable listening experience.

Plus, the use of high-quality material makes it durable and flexible.


  • High-quality material is used
  • Soft leather ear-cup and adjustable headband
  • Foldable, durable and flexible
  • 40mm high-quality neodymium magnet driver
  • Good quality sound
  • Comfortable


  • Little heavy
  • Expensive


6. RockPapa Over-Ear Stereo Headphones

More photos & price on Amazon

The RockPapa headphone is a sell out headphones. Your every penny is worth the product. They will provide you with the perfect satisfaction to your need.

Many things pop up in the mind when I have to describe them.

I know them inside out. Because currently, this is the running gear I take with me every time I go for my running practice. They are so lightweight and comfortable that I sometimes forget that they are there.

Any age group people are ok with the headphones.

The simplicity is sure to impress the first buyer. Features such as soft ear-pad, comfortable for wearing, noise canceling are what defines the product.

I made my investment right and I am happy about it.

It’s time you make yours and make yourself happy too. You can enjoy your playlist of cool songs anywhere in the highest quality of the sound.

It will make you love the song even more.

And of course, the inbuilt microphone makes receiving/ending call in between song an easy task. The quality of the sound is at its best.

You will get a 1.5-meter cord and 3.5mm jack which is ideal for all MP3, phones, tablets, computers, DVD and CD players, and portable gaming systems.


  • Versatile compatibility
  • Inbuilt microphone
  • Quality sound
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Any age group are free to use them
  • Soft ear-pad, comfortable for wearing, noise canceling perfectly


  • Slightly invasive
  • Tight fit but uncomfortable for long wear


7. AUSDOM Lightweight Over-Ear Wired HiFi Stereo Headphones

More photos & price on Amazon

The AUSDOM headphone is a high quality, economical and over-ear stereo headphones. It provides you with a superior audio experience.

The outlook of the product is sure to attract your attention. And If you want to know more about them, you will fall for them. All the special features will make you want to put your money in it.

They have a soft leather ear cups that will wrap around nicely. Because of the wearable design, you are definite to feel comfortable and easy.

They try to make you feel good in every way possible. These headphones support hands-free, nice beats, and sound that is loud and clear. Outside noise will not disturb you a bit.

There are times when I run in the busy noisy street, but the feeling is different here with these headphones.

One of my favorite features is noise cancellation. It lets you enjoy your peaceful environment. And the best thing I love about this headphone is that they come at a reasonable price.

You will not want to wear out this.

So, I end up listening to songs for hours and hours. And still, I feel no pain in the ear. Its because they feature comfortable wearing for a long time.

Lightweight and full size adjustable, this durable headphone has the inline MIC. It allows easy handling during your travel or outdoor activities.


  • Lightweight and full size adjustable
  • Inline Mic
  • Long comfortable wearing
  • High-quality sound
  • Noise canceling
  • Soft leather ear cups


  • Large and heavy
  • Quite expensive


8. Gorsun Lightweight Headphones

More photos & price on Amazon

The Gorsun Lightweight Headphones has an appropriate weight that anyone can carry easily. Another next best thing is that the product is finely manufactured with every small detail checked. And, it uses the only high-quality material.

The design fits the present generation, loved by all age group of the people and you can have a quality of the professional headphone.

I am a big fan of them myself. And I see lots of other people getting lost in their own world in this headphones. So, if you still have no idea about them then I think it is the right time to get one and stay updated with the modern world.

The headphone has two 40 mm high fidelity drivers that deliver unique sound performance, clean well-balanced bass, mids, and treble. It gives you the best audio experience.

And for the comfort, it has the Ultra-soft ear cushions that ensure a snug seal and the foldable design. It makes these headphones perfect on the go without wasting any of your time packing them.

For me, the best thing is super soft earmuff and headband.

I bought it to enjoy music in high quality while I do my running. And they have satisfied me and provided me with comfort even for a long time wear.


  • Long time wear
  • Soft earmuff
  • Foldable design
  • Two 40mm high fidelity drivers
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • Can be troublesome for people with glass
  • Limited color


9. Headphones, Sound Intone I65 Headphones

More photos & price on Amazon

This one is for those who like an elegant and modern design. It is a new stereo headset that combines mobility, beauty, and excellent sound quality with great music experience.

Comfortable, lightweight, and foldable, you tell it, it has everything to offer. So, next time when you travel, do remember to take this beauty along.

It will add up to your adventure with more fun.

For me, it has helped me a lot in my running. As long as I have these headphones on, I feel like I can run on and on. The sound quality and the experience is so good, that you will forget about the surrounding noise.

It’s my high recommendation to all the runner and sports lover.

They are a game changer!

Built in-line microphone and control allow you to talk easily on your mobile phone in between songs. No need to waste time unplugging it.

They have a flat cable which prevents tangles. Plus, it increases the durability of the headphone.


  • Flat cable
  • Built in-line microphone
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Foldable with good sound quality
  • Elegant and modern design


  • Big for small ears
  • Heavy and large


10. Vogek On-Ear Headphones

More photos & price on Amazon

The Vogek On-Ear Headphones is the one with 12 months warranty facility. During this period if you happen to incur any failure then you will get a new one. They are specially made to provide the best music experience ever.

Nobody enjoys the hustle and bustle of the city. Right?

I have my headphone for an escape. They are comfortable with a great seal. It minimizes outside noise, ensures high-quality sound, capturing the nuances and clarity of all my favorite music.

And to add it up, 40mm driver units deliver full, balanced sound for a complete listening experience from 20 – 22,000 Hz. And, that is surprisingly good and relaxing for the ear.

The durable, 1.5 m cable resists snags and tangles so you can get caught up in your music, not on your cord.

Not just the music, it is the perfect smartphone companion, as you can take calls on the go! Simple as that! And not to forget about the swivel ear cups, the headphones can lay flat for compact storage and easy carrying. It will make you want to take it with you on your next long journey, travel or family picnic.

The level of performance is high while the compatibility is versatile.

You can enjoy songs from your iPhone, smartphones, mp3 player and more.


  • High-level performance
  • Swivel ear cups
  • Smartphone companion
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • High-quality sound
  • 40mm driver units


  • Fragile
  • Proper care should be given


Why are Headphones for Running Necessary?

When the brain is busy enjoying the best song in best sound quality, it makes you forget the exhaustion of running. That means you will be able to run effectively and efficiently.

On the other hand, if you are a busy person who receives tons of phone calls a day even while you are on the busy street. Then every time finding a silent corner is time-consuming and not possible.

This best headphone is sure to make your task easy by canceling the outside noise and giving you clear and loud sound. You can easily answer your important call on the busiest street.

I love them for their elegant design and look. The durability is the plus point. And being a sports person and music lover, these headphones are the blessing. I can enjoy hi-fi music while practicing my sports.

It’s better you have yourself one and know it for yourself.

How to Choose the Best Headphones for Running?

You don’t want to end up with the bad quality headset. It will only damage your eardrum and hate them more. Be sure to check some of the points mentioned below.

Lightweight and comfortable

Generally, I like headphones that are lightweight. It’s because running becomes easy. You don’t have to waste your energy on carrying them. And lightweight means you will sometime forget that you have them on. You can focus more on your activities.

Besides that, you need the headphone to be comfortable. If not your ear is going to be in lots of pain.

Therefore, do not compromise in this matter.

High-quality sound

The sole purpose of buying headphone is to be able to experience the best audio quality that the ear along with mind will love.

If proper consideration is not given, you might end up with bad quality headset and regret later.

It is wise to check the quality of the sound before making a purchase.


The AmazonBasics Lightweight On-Ear Headphone is my favorite. These offer you high-quality sound with high-level performance.

The sound no matter how loud it is will sound clear and soothing.

Its L-shaped stereo mini plug will allow you to connect your music device to the headphone.

Slim style, slim profile and an adjustable contoured headband are some of the best features it has to offer. What caught my eye is its lightweight feature and fold-flat portable design. Packing and carrying them is so easy and time-saving.

Perfect travel companion entertaining you with best sound quality songs.

There is no perfect time for anything.

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