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10 Best Fitness Tracker for Running


10 Best Fitness Tracker for Running

I have always been a fitness freak. I don’t know why I call myself so but all my friends do. Whether it be eating, resting, sleeping, or working out I have my life working around being fit.

Isn’t it how it should be for all of us?

Best Fitness Tracker for Running – Quick Pick

If you’re in a hurry, here are our two favorite Fitness Tracker for Running in this review.

As an obvious gift, I got a fitness tracker from my boyfriend.

Well, too late for that. I had a pretty good collection of these. But I must admit, all his research worked out pretty well. It was the best fitness tracker for running, ever made.

Everything had to change after that.

It had to.

Now, I am never without them. And I flaunt them with pride.

10 Best Fitness Trackers for Running in 2019

Fitbit Wireless Fitness Tracker0.6 x 0.4 x 8.2 inches0.5 ounces Check Latest Price
Fitbit Charge 2 Activity Tracker8.6 x 0.9 x 0.5 inches1.1 ounces Check Latest Price
Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch10 x 1.7 x 0.4 inches1.4 ounces Check Latest Price
Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band0.4 x 0.8 x 0.4 inches1 ounces Check Latest Price
Garmin vívofit 2 Activity Tracker8.3 x 0.8 x 0.4 inches1 ounces Check Latest Price
Jawbone Thin Straps Fitness Tracker5 x 2.2 x 4.8 inches6.4 ounces
Garmin vívosmart HR Activity Tracker2.5 x 0.8 x 0.5 inches1.1 ounces Check Latest Price
Withings Fitness Tracker0.3 x 0.9 x 1.7 inches0.3 ounces Check Latest Price
Polar Smart Sports Watch3 x 3.7 x 4.5 inches0.3 ounces Check Latest Price
TomTom Runner GPS Running Watch4.1 x 3.7 x 3.7 inches12.6 ounces Check Latest Price

10 Best Fitness Trackers for Running Reviews in 2019

For your convenience, I’ve listed the 10 Best Fitness Tracker.


1. Fitbit Wireless Fitness Tracker

More photos & price on Amazon

Fitbit Wireless Fitness Tracker is the wireless activity and sleep wristband. You can now make your fitness routine a part of your lifestyle with this fitness tracker.

These bands are fashionable and are going to make our fitness fashionable too.

You can track your steps, distance, calories burned, active minutes, hourly activity and stationary time. Besides tracking all these, this has an auto sleep alarm system which monitors your sleep automatically and sets a silent alarm.

With this tracker, you can also determine your progress through the LED light. They light up as you progress towards your goal.

It is a band that doesn’t fail to impress you. You can style your slim removable tracker with your accessories.

As they are fashionable, you won’t want to take them off. This way you can find fitness everywhere you go.

They are water resistant so you can wear this wristband all day, every day. The feature I really like is the wireless syncing. The stats sync wirelessly and automatically to your computers and leading smartphones.

The clasp of this band has a surgical-grade stainless steel and contains a trace of nickel.

Hence, you have less chance of getting allergies as this fitness tracker contains standard quality materials. You will not be saying ‘no’ to this band as it has many good features.


  • Fashionable
  • Auto sleep alarm system
  • Water resistant
  • Less chance of getting allergies


  • Poor clasp design


2. Fitbit Charge 2 Activity Tracker

More photos & price on Amazon

Fitbit Charge 2 Activity Tracker serves as your fitness tracker and calculates your heart rate as well. Your tracker has many features that you will love.

It works as a multi-sport tracking with connected GPS. It calculates cardio fitness level and has guided breathing session.

You can also track your all-day activity using this tracker, it also has auto sleep tracking. You can also auto recognize exercise and track them.

It has a long battery life of up to 5 hours which impressed me the most.

Track your heart rate continuously to maximize your workouts. Track calorie burns and then you can get a clearer picture of your health.

It reminds you to workout at the same time. It also finds a moment of calm throughout the day with personalized breathing sessions based on your real-time heartbeat.

Furthermore, it avails you to see call, text, and calendar alerts on it to keep your phone out of sight and your goals in focus.

You can also change your bands for the new ones and transform your tracker with Classic and Luxe accessories. You can stay fit and fashionable at the same time.

You can see your progress through the FitBit App too.

It can sync all the data wirelessly and automatically to your devices. It will motivate you to be more active and fit.


  • Multi-sport tracking
  • Auto recognize exercise and track them
  • Long battery life
  • interchangeable bands


  • Poor heart rate sensor


3. Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch

More photos & price on Amazon

Fitbit Blaze Smart Fitness Watch is a watch which can get you to maintain your fitness with a hint of style. This helps you to maximize your everyday workout resulting in a healthier you.

The continuous heart rate monitor and simplified zones help you to maximize your workouts.

You can connect your watch with the GPS on your phone. It’s wonderful that I can map my routes and see run stats like pace and duration on display with this.

What would be more reliable than having an instructor right on your wrist?

With this watch, you can start a FitStar workout and get step-by-step instructor coaching you. You can now carry your workout more precisely.

Always keep fitness in focus!

You can have multi-sport, SmartTrack, as well as workout goals and summary feature. These features will make you focus on fitness.

The best thing is that you can carry this off for any occasion with style.

You can have this working perfectly for up to 5 whole days after a charge. Also, you can find accessory bands and frames of your choice.

Besides all this, you can also have this watch to call, text, enjoy music and have a bunch of other features as well.


  • Maximize your everyday workout
  • Connected GPS
  • FitStar workout


  • Poor battery life
  • Poor quality and consistency


4. Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band

More photos & price on Amazon

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band is the move bar that motivates you to be active throughout the day. You can always be aware of your fitness and carry your workouts.

It motivates you for real, as it displays a red move bar after an hour of inactivity.

The best thing is that it never lets you stay inactive and lazy. The additional segment lights up for every minute of inactivity. And you need to walk for a couple of minutes to reset it. Isn’t that productive?

You can wear this anytime for any occasion.

This stylish and comfortable band makes you never want to take them off. Plus, the water-resistant feature makes this always ready to go.

Long life battery it has!

You won’t believe me but you can really use them for a year without having to change the battery. Reliable, isn’t it?

The easy to read display on it helps you to view the time of the day and stats on your wrist.

This tracker is not just a tracker but also a motivator. It learns your activity level and assigns a personalized goal every morning. Plus, records the calories burned including the metabolic rate.

Not only does it track your fitness but it also makes sure that you get proper rest.


  • Red move bar
  • Long life battery
  • Monitors your sleep


  • Poor battery life


5. Garmin vívofit 2 Activity Tracker

More photos & price on Amazon

Garmin vívofit 2 Activity Tracker won’t let you stay void. This tracker comes equipped with a move bar and an audible alert.

It will remind you to stay active throughout the day. The red move bar moves with a sound alerting your hour of inactivity.

The extra segments light up every 15 minutes of inactivity which forces you to walk for a couple of minutes to reset. You are never going to become void.

The backlit display feature in this tracker has a lot to help you through.

The display is always on so you need not worry about missing anything. To see your stats even in the dark you can turn on the backlight.

Nonetheless, your tracker is an activity timer gadget which is going to record your activities with or without a heart rate monitor.

Don’t you worry about getting them charged every once in a while? Once you have your battery charged you can stay carefree for a year or even more. You don’t need to worry about recharging.

The good thing is that you can sync automatically with the paired device at critical moments throughout the day.


  • Move bar and audible alert
  • Backlit display feature
  • Activity timer
  • Auto-sync


  • Sleep monitor problem


6. Jawbone Thin Straps Fitness Tracker

Jawbone Thin Straps Fitness Tracker is a lightweight thin strap fitness tracker which works for any universal smartphones. You are going to have a lot of options as this comes in five different colors.

The new lightweight design and the hook clasp makes this tracker stylish too.

Not only does this tracker track your activity but it also tracks your sleep automatically. Isn’t that good?

You don’t need any coach or trainer now. The personalized guidance from this Smart Coach is enough to make your workout go well.

If you have the tendency to sleep a little more and lose your time to workout then this is the perfect Fitness Tracker for you. This tracker has the smart alarm which silently wakes you up at the optimal time.

If you are having problems with your battery then you should check if your Power Source is working or not.

You can be sure that this tracker is completely compatible with Android devices. This UP2, UP3, and UP4 are compatible with Android 4.3.

Don’t worry if you use any IOS devices as this can work perfectly with your IOS devices as well!

Either of these devices can easily connect your tracker to it.


  • Lightweight, thin strap
  • SmartCoach
  • Compatible with Android and IOS devices
  • Tracks your sleep


  • Delicate straps


7. Garmin vívosmart HR Activity Tracker

More photos & price on Amazon

Garmin vívosmart HR Activity Tracker is a Smart Activity Tracker with a Wrist-based Heart Rate. It comes equipped with the sleek band which is comfortable to wear all day.

Your tracker’s display that shows your stats, even when the sun is shining brightly, is always on.

Not only distance, calories, heart rate but it is going to display your steps and floors climbed as well. You can also receive texts, calls, email, calendar, and social media alerts.

That’s not all, you can also control your music and your VIRB action camera all from your wrist.

I was so happy with the move bar in this tracker as it keeps reminding me to stay active. This move bar vibrates and alerts you every time you are inactive for an hour or more.

You can sync this HR with your smartphone throughout the day to save your stats.

You need to download the Garmin Connect Mobile app and then you can save, plan and share your activity. This allows you to track your calories consumed as well.

You not only get a fitness tracker but a tracker having the features of a mobile, motivator and more.


  • Sleek band
  • Move bar
  • Stats saver


  • Inaccurate
  • Difficult to sync data


8. Withings Fitness Tracker

More photos & price on Amazon

Withings Fitness Tracker is a tracker which tracks your activity, sleep, and heart rate. Your tracker also reads vital signs and helps improve your overall health.

You can wear it your way; either clip it or use the wristband.

As a tracker, you might not be expecting this but this monitors your sleep as well. It not only focuses on your workouts but also on rest which is quite interesting.

You can reach your goals using this tracker. Its reminder supports your effort and keeps you healthy and focused.

You can have your favorite nutrition app in it to tell you the full story and help you get fitter. You will earn badges and unlock achievements along your way which is really motivating.

You can also keep up with your friends using the leaderboard.

Water and sweat resistant it is! You now don’t need to worry about getting your tracker damaged by sweat and water.

Your tracker is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0, IOS 7 and later, and Android 4.0.

Don’t worry about the charging! You don’t need to charge this often as this has a battery life of up to 2 weeks.


  • Monitors your sleep
  • Gets your favorite nutrition app
  • Water and sweat resistant
  • Compatible


  • Hardware issues


9. Polar Smart Sports Watch

More photos & price on Amazon

Polar Smart Sports Watch is a watch which comes with built-in GPS technology. This technology allows you to keep track of your pace, distance, and altitude.

Your tracker will track your workouts, steps, distance, calories burned, sleep quantity and your activity 24/7.

Dropped it in the water? No problem now! The water will have no effect on your tracker as this tracker is waterproof. You can wear and use this in any weather condition.

Advanced technology is what you are going to experience using this tracker.

It is compatible with H7 Heart Rate sensor which helps to train you at the right intensity with target heart rate zones. Isn’t that incredible?

You are not only getting a fitness tracker but also a social smartwatch.

Plan, sync your stats and share it with your friends using the app Polar Flow app. You can make your training and workout more interesting with this.

With this tracker, you can follow your progress and get guidance that is definitely going to help you achieve your goals.

Make your workouts more effective with your tracker.


  • GPS technology
  • Waterproof
  • Advanced technology
  • H7 Heart Rate sensor


  • Defective USB cable


10. TomTom Runner GPS Running Watch

More photos & price on Amazon

TomTom Runner GPS Running Watch is an ultra-slim, lightweight watch designed for runners. The slim design makes it a comfortable fit for all wrist sizes.

You can stabilize your focus with the vibration alerts for every milestone, lap, and interval as you can hear the beeps and feel the vibration.

The super tough scratch resistant display used in this tracker can run anytime and in any situation. You can easily read stats run after run.

You can track your indoor activity too.

The built-in sensors in this tracker count your strides which allow you to check your pace and distance. You won’t need any extra foot pad.

Besides these, your tracker is water resistant so you can use it in all weather conditions.

The QuickGPSFix technology in this tracker will find your precise location quickly. This way you are never going to forget your way or get lost.

You have 10 hours of battery life so you can now run more and recharge less.

Now, you can sync your stats on popular running sites and apps too.


  • Vibration alerts
  • Super tough scratch resistant display
  • Built-in sensors
  • QuickGPSFix technology


  • Poor battery life


Why is Fitness Tracker for Running Necessary?

I think nobody’s run is as interesting as of the person running using a fitness tracker. You don’t just focus on running and staying fit but you will also have fun doing it.

Fun in a sense that you can challenge your mates and yourself by beating your own times.

This way your boring run is no longer going to be a boring one. The fun facts aside, you are also going to get motivated to run more.

We all run for a week and after seeing no change we stop, right?

The Fitness Tracker is going to stop this as you can have a drastic change early on. It will be showing your stats that will motivate you to keep going.

Now tell me, isn’t it important?

How to Choose the Best Fitness Tracker for Running?

You need to consider a few things before buying the best fitness tracker for your running. Read the below content to find out what they are:


Designs actually matter as you will be wearing them for almost the whole day sometimes. You can’t look awkward with those, so designs are important to keep in mind.

Besides the looks, you also need them to be comfortable to carry around.

Water Resistant

It’s not always that you’ll remember to take off your fitness tracker. You may only jump in the water once but your tracker is going to get damaged for always.

So, you need to have a water-resistant tracker to keep your tracker safe at any unexpected moments.


As I have used many of the trackers I find them quite impressive but the best for me is Fitbit Wireless Fitness Tracker. You are never going to hate them for any reason.

It is fashionable and I can wear it wherever you go as it matches any outfit.

Not only does this tracker make my workouts productive but it also makes sure that I’m having a good sleep. And not to forget the LED display which keeps me updated about my workouts.

This is water resistant tracker which I can wear anytime anywhere.

It helps me to avoid allergies too and for me, it worked out very well. I love it!

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