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10 Best Cross Country Running Shoes


10 Best Cross Country Running Shoes

I live to run, well not literally. But yes, I do love it and will do everything in my bones to enjoy every bit of it.

Having a good pair of running shoe is a must if you love running and want to take care of your feet.

For a cross-country running, you will need to be extra careful with the type of gear you choose. You need to keep in mind what your body demands.

Best Cross Country Running Shoes – Quick Pick

If you’re in a hurry, here are our two favorite cross Country running shoes in this review.

Opting for the best cross country running shoes will be the start of it. Others can follow.

It is a must as you go ahead to take over what you love to do. Good design, nice outlook, durability, and reliability is what makes them stand out from the rest.

Have a good time with nature with the happy feet.

10 Best Cross Country Running Shoes in 2019

Product NameMaterialWeight (in pound)Price
Juan Men's Running ShoesFabric-and-synthetic1.1 Check Latest Price
Saucony Men's Kilkenny XC5 Cross-Country ShoeSynthetic2 Check Latest Price
Nike Men's Air Huarache Run Ultra Running ShoeMesh4 Check Latest Price
Vsdanlin Men"s Sports Running ShoesFabric-and-synthetic3 Check Latest Price
Nike Air Max Torch 3 Men's Running ShoesLeather-and-mesh4.5 Check Latest Price
Saucony Men's Vendetta Track Spike Racing ShoeSynthetic5.6 Check Latest Price
WOTTE Men's Running ShoesMesh1.1 Check Latest Price
Mizuno Men's Wave Legend 3 Running ShoeFabric/Synthetic1 Check Latest Price
New Balance Men's MXC700 Spike Cross-Country ShoeSynthetic4.8 Check Latest Price
ASICS Men's Gunlap Track and Field ShoeSynthetic2 Check Latest Price

10 Best Cross-Country Running Shoes Reviews in 2019

Get ready as I unfold the list of 10 best cross-country running shoes. The choice is yours!

1. Juan Men’s Running Shoes

More photos & price on Amazon

The Juan Men’s Running Shoe is a lightweight runner that will help you win the race or put you ahead of the game. They have a unique design and are durable. They consist of high-quality material.

Juan Men’s Running Shoes features a mesh upper, padded collar, laces for good fit, soft lining, cushiony memory foam insole for comfort and support, and a non-marking outsole.

The outer look of the shoe is awesome and appealing.

They blend high-quality fabric and synthetic. The rubber sole makes them flexible. And they are super lightweight having breathable mesh vamp. These are the things that make Juan a best cross country running shoes.

They perfectly accord with human body engineering, green, healthy concept design due to which many of the runners are preferring them.

Juan is the most comfortable shoe with unique fashion that uses safe eco-products during its production.

It has high elastic MD outsole, slip resistant, easy to manage any area, along with many other features that will help you run the country with no trouble at all. They help to make your cross-country running experience comfortable, good and safe.

They are suitable for party, sports, indoor, outdoor, any occasion, casual and trend.


  • High elastic MD outsole
  • Slip-resistant
  • Comfortable and soft
  • Unique design
  • Rubber sole
  • High-quality fabric and synthetic


  • Little expensive
  • Limited widths available


2. Saucony Men’s Kilkenny XC5 Cross-Country Shoe

More photos & price on Amazon

Cross country running comprises of bumpy roads, high hill, and difficult trails. To withstand all those obstacles and help you in smooth running, the Saucony Men’s Kilkenny XC5 Cross-Country Shoe is specially designed. They give you the best comfort while running.

The Saucony country shoe consists of a synthetic and has a synthetic sole. The quality of the shoe is brilliant. They are better than any other shoe.

They have minimally layered upper to make the cross-country running easy and smooth.

The design of the shoe is sleek and durable. With the superior quality of materials, these shoes have a long lifespan. Water and high drops will not cause any harm.

They are lightweight and easy to wear. You can carry an extra pair of these with you when you go hiking, trekking or exploring the mother nature around the cross country.

They come with a versatile tread, good quality laces for a proper fitting. This cross-country spike delivers high-octane performance that I am sure you are going to like.

This country running shoe has advanced technologies like grid, the first sole-based stability and cushioning system that provide an advantage to athletes of all types. This is why Saucony is one of the best running shoes you could wish for.


  • Grid technology
  • First sole based stability
  • Cushioning system
  • Lightweight and easy to wear
  • Sleek design
  • Minimally layered upper
  • Offer high octane performances


  • You might experience size being slightly smaller than advertised
  • More room in the toe box


3. Nike Men’s Air Huarache Run Ultra Running Shoe

More photos & price on Amazon

The Nike Men’s Air Huarache Run Ultra Running Shoe contains high-quality mesh. They have a rubber sole that provides maximum comfort to your legs.

The ultimate choice of many of the runner and athlete!

The upper layer has perforated mesh with Flywire cables and gives an amazing look to the shoe. This is one of the stylish shoes on the market. I love them for their compatibility. They are not only made for running cross country, but you can also wear it to a party, casual wear and everyday wear.

The midsole has phylon foam, air-sole unit in the heel for providing comfort to your feet.

The outsole has rubber with flex grooves for a perfect fitting and a grip.

Personally, I love this shoe. I have many pairs of them. And I find them very easy to carry. They are lightweight and easy to wear. You can get ready for them in just a matter of a second.

They are slip resistant and offers a perfect grip.

They are not just comfortable, they offer required mobility to the leg. Just a perfect shoe for cross country running.


  • Comfortable
  • Slip-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish shoe
  • High-quality mesh


  • Due to cleats running on a hard surface is difficult
  • A design does not support the runner’s ankle


4. Vsdanlin Men”s Sports Running Shoes

More photos & price on Amazon

The Vsdanlin Men”s Sports Running Shoe combines high-quality fabric and synthetic. They have a fabric sole for a proper running experience. It is one of my all-time favorite shoes.

They have a sleek and unique design offering a high-performance level. They are so comfortable. Even after a long run, your feet will not get hurt or any blisters.

The shoe will not slow you down as they are lightweight. You can run smoothly and efficiently. They have a breathable mesh vamp that allows proper air circulation in the shoe keeping your leg in good condition.

Vsdanlin has a healthy concept design specially to provide your leg with the easement. They have high elastic MD outsole that will provide the best performance.

During the run, no runner wants to slip and fall. That will slow you down. To avoid that accident, this shoe is slip resistant so that you can continue your pace despite all the difficulties.

Besides running they are suitable for party, sports, indoor, outdoor, any occasion.

You can enjoy the largest comfort it has to offer.

I wear them on an everyday basis. But still, they are doing fine. And the good thing is no wear and tear has occurred. They have been with me for more than a year now. As they contain high-quality material, they are durable and reliable. They have a long life.


  • Durable and reliable
  • Offers maximum comfort
  • Slip-resistant
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • High-quality fabric and synthetic
  • Sleek design


  • Not suitable for the harsh terrain
  • High price


5. Nike Air Max Torch 3 Men’s Running Shoes

More photos & price on Amazon

The Nike air max torch running shoe features leather and mesh. You can choose the color of your choice. They are sleek designs, there is no denying they are comfortable.

I am so much into these shoes. Back in the days, I bought many shoes but still nothing last for a long time. Every month or so, they would wear and tear. But after my friend suggested these shoe to me, I have developed a special liking towards this shoe.

Everything about this shoe is just awesome, from its design to the outlook. The construction work is also great.

It may seem just a shoe to many of you, but years of research, testing, and hard work has finally brought this shoe.

They are comfortable and easy to wear. What else do you want? A shoe that provides good quality comfort is hard to find this day.

And they come in varieties of size. You can choose one according to your size. Along with that high-quality laces perfectly fit your feet.

This running shoe is the best option for the cross country running. I have seen many of the runners wear this. They offer high-level performance. It makes the running easy and comfortable.


  • High-level performance
  • High-quality laces
  • Comfortable and easy to wear
  • Leather and mesh
  • Sleek design


  • Uncomfortable design
  • Quite expensive


6. Saucony Men’s Vendetta Track Spike Racing Shoe

More photos & price on Amazon

The Saucony Men’s Vendetta Track Spike Racing Shoe has high quality synthetic. Out of all the other running shoe, this is the one I prefer. They are the perfect treat to your feet.

This shoe has an advanced technology like a grid. The first sole-based stability and cushioning system provide an advantage to athletes of all types. Whether you are running or just walking, this shoe is a perfect option.

The quality of the shoe is something that will definitely amuse you. As all the materials used during its production are of high quality, they are durable. You can rely on them.

I have walked thousands of miles with this, run many tracks and offroad with this shoe. But still, they are doing just fine.

I am surprisingly amazed by seeing their high-level performances. They have been with me for like many years now. And I still rock on them. Isn’t that cool?

They have slip-resistant feature. It will help you keep going and running.

The lightweight quality has made this shoe one of the best selling shoe in the market. Any age group can easily wear them and enjoy the durability of this shoe.

If you are looking for a good quality cross country running shoe, Saucony is the one!


  • Lightweight quality
  • Slip-resistant
  • High-level performances
  • High quality synthetic


  • Due to thicker materials, less suitable for warm climates
  • Sole design makes stopping difficult


7. WOTTE Men’s Running Shoes

More photos & price on Amazon

The WOTTE running shoe is the highest quality shoe that you could get in the market. They are extremely comfortable and made with advanced technology. With its unique design, they have been able to gain many customers.

The material used is so superior quality that the ultimate product is just amazing. Not just amazing, they are cushiony and stylish. It enhances your style too.

They are perfect for cross-country running. Made to withstand harsh roads and terrain, they are skin and leg friendly. They take good care of your leg.

Features like slip resistant make it even more special. Now, you are not likely to slip or fall. That means the shoe takes care of your health and safety too.

The thing I like about them is that they are lightweight and breathable. Full mesh style, single-layer, engineered knit helps your feet feel great and keeps you moving forth.

The shoe is lace up to provide perfect fitting to your leg. Soles can bend and curl easily. This running shoe can absorb shock and transmit daylong comfort.

The optimization of sizes helps you choose it according to your daily use size. Fit your leg perfect and get ready to run like a cheetah!


  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Full mesh style
  • Single layer
  • Soles can bend and curl
  • Unique design


  • Issue with size
  • Not recommended for hard surfaces


8. Mizuno Men’s Wave Legend 3 Running Shoe

More photos & price on Amazon

The Mizuno running shoe is completely made out of fabric and synthetic. The quality of the shoe is better in comparison to the other shoe in the market. Perfect shoe for the cross country running.

Mizuno has a high-quality rubber sole that makes them easy to bend and curl. You can run in any kinds of terrain, uphills or any bumpy tracks. They are perfectly designed to withstand all those obstacles.

It had a shaft measurement of approximately 2.5″ from the arch.
This running shoe features a breathable mesh upper with parallel wave technology that helps in keeping your feet dry and cool. The running becomes easy with this shoe.

It has a padded tongue and collar that makes it easy to wear. The level of performance it offers is great.

Mizuno has a responsive cushioning el8 midsole that provides the leg with the greatest comfort.

There is non-marking rubber outsole making the outlook of the shoe sleek and cool.

I personally love them. Every time I go for a cross-country, I take them with me.

Besides running, you can wear them to the office, college, party, movies or just for a casual wear.

The unique design and slip resistant feature are one of the important features in the shoe that makes the shoe worth having.


  • Unique design
  • Slip-resistant
  • Maximum comfort
  • Responsive cushioning el8 midsole
  • Non-marking rubber outsole
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • High-quality rubber sole


  • Taller stack height makes it difficult to run
  • Small width of the toe box


9. New Balance Men’s MXC700 Spike Cross-Country Shoe

More photos & price on Amazon

The New Balance men’s cross country shoe flaunts synthetics. It has a rubber sole that can be bend and curled offering high-level flexibility. You will get a removable insole that you can use to meet your needs.

Cross country running is one of the refreshing activities. You can witness the beauty of countryside life. All the natural beauty and charm. But the important gear you need for the cross country running is the best quality running shoe. New Balance offers you all the necessary features.

They are one of the most comfortable shoes in the market. They are easy to wear as well. In times of emergency, you can put them on in a matter of seconds and go.

They have anti-shock and anti-slip features making them outstand the normal shoe.

They are lightweight shoe just weighing 4.8 ounces. So while you are running, you will not feel the weight of the shoe slowing you down.

It offers maximum performance, tight grip yet maximum mobility and flexibility.

They are best for neutral runners.

Parallel wave technology ensures an effortless transition to the midfoot, making your runs smoother and more efficient, convenient and faster.

An el8 midsole provides responsive cushioning. While the strategically placed reinforcements add stability where you need it most keeping your feet in a good state.


  • eI8 midsole
  • Parallel wave technology
  • High-level performance
  • Lightweight
  • High quality synthetic


  • Not so flexible
  • Less breathable due to thick design


10. ASICS Gunlap Track and Field Shoe

More photos & price on Amazon

The ASICS running shoe is the shoe that I adore the most for their performance. They are so comfortable to wear. Made of high-quality material, they have a pleasant and unique design.

Made of synthetic, this shoe has a synthetic sole.

They have solid midsole material which is lighter midsole compound than ASICS’ standard ethylene vinyl acetate.

And ethylene vinyl acetate also features enhanced cushioning and durability providing your feet with the greatest level of comfort.
This shoe has decoupled Pebax spike plate and an upper drainage system steeplechase.

I love them because they are so light and easy to carry as well. They just weigh 5 ounces. You can easily enjoy your hiking, trekking with this shoe.

This shoe is specially designed for cross country running. All the necessary features add in them for the maximum mobility and smooth running.

The ASICS running shoe delivers exceptional performance with a sleek and low profile. Elite milers and steeple enthusiasts will appreciate the form-fitting feel of this women’s track shoe.

The ripstop nylon upper reinforces hot-melt TPU overlays for a sock-like fit. While a series of reinforced perforations allow for ventilation and water drainage when used in the steeplechase keeping the feet dry and cool.


  • Ripstop nylon upper
  • Delivers exceptional performance
  • Lightweight
  • Decoupled Pebax spike plate
  • Upper drainage system steeplechase
  • Unique design


  • Cleats make running difficult on hard surfaces
  • Low amount of padding


Why is Cross Country Running Shoes necessary?

Being a runner I know the struggle of running in a normal walking shoe. These are bulky and uncomfortable.

With modern research and scientific technology, these best cross country running shoe is probably the most important gear for running.

I love them and have huge respect for them. They take good care of my feet and has helped me win many races. Helped conquer many hills and hike difficult trails with an ease and comfortable feeling.

If you ask me, they are my necessity. I cannot imagine running in another shoe. These shoes have fine fabric that blends well with my skin.

A day out is hard without them.

How to Choose the Best cross country running shoes?

Do remember to skim through the below-mentioned points, when buying yourself a pair.

Parallel wave technology

Parallel wave technology ensures for an effortless transition to the midfoot. It makes your runs smoother and more efficient, convenient and faster. You will be able to run the long distance with less effort and time.

Slip/shock/sweat resistant

Any minor or major slip accident is not affordable during the long run. It will not only slow down the runner but can seriously injure them that they will have to abort the run.

That is why the shoe should be a slip and shock resistant. High-quality materials and advanced technology should be there.

And lots of sweating is common during the run or any extreme workout. So, to keep your feet dry and cool the shoe must be sweat-resistant.


I have worn almost all brands of cross country shoe for running. I have learned to know their faults and good aspects.

I love the Juan men’s running shoe a lot. Personally, it was a lot comfortable and easy to use. And what makes it the best among the rest?

Features such as High elastic MD outsole slip resistance, comfortable and soft, unique design, rubber sole, high-quality fabric are all worth mentioning and trying.

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