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10 Best Bluetooth Headphones For Running


10 Best Bluetooth Headphones For Running

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Gone by are the days when you had to think twice about taking your CD walkman for a run. These are ancient now. Stories of the past. But the struggle wasn’t that easy.

We did come through the time when we had to look for running pants to slide in out phones or MP3/4 players, right?

Or, even get our earphones first then out t-shirt. Just to keep the wire in place.

Well well, say no more.

Best Bluetooth Headphones For Running – Quick Pick

If you’re in a hurry, here are our two favorite Bluetooth Headphones For Running in this review.

No more wires, no more watching your pace and no more pockets. With the best Bluetooth headphones for running, it will all make sense. All you need to do now is focus on the road and enjoy the wind.

Happy running.

10 Best Bluetooth Headphones For Running Reviews in 2019

I have reviewed 10 of the best headphones in the market right now on the basis of built design and materials, performance and comfortability.

1. Kinivo Stereo Headphone

More photos & price on Amazon

Want something grippy in your head that emits music for hours? The Kinivo stereo headphone is an acute, small sized headset that perfectly fits your head and gets hold of it.

This can be your ultimate friend while running, jogging, mowing, or while sitting still. You can use it with work which involves lots of movement or while you’re doing your desk work. Unlike other bulky and slippy headphones on the market, this does not fall off easily.

Perfect fit, better holds, and most important of all, this headphone offers promising sound quality.

It also features a built-in noise-canceling microphone for hands-free calling. Music will automatically stop whenever you receive an incoming call.

It has got a sleek design and renders quite an amount of battery life for unhindered performance.

Once you charge the headset to the full, the integrated rechargeable battery sets you tension free.

You can relax and make calls or listen to your favorite music uninterrupted for up to 10 hours. It also has an unbelievable standby time of 200 hours.

This device supports pairing with up to 5 Bluetooth devices but allows connection to one at a time.

You will be surprised to know that they are ergonomically managed to include the buttons like play/pause, previous/next track, and volume. With these you will be able to keep the headset under full control.


  • Promising sound quality
  • Built-in noise-canceling microphone
  • Sleek design


  • The reliability of the product is not so dependable


2. EGRD Upgraded Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones

More photos & price on Amazon

EGRD Upgraded Bluetooth 4.1 Headphones are a high quality 3 in 1 headset. These are affordable and give you a good stereo experience. The latest 4.1 Bluetooth clip permits stable signal transmission.

It has a strong Bluetooth connectivity feature, with up to the 10m range. With three modes like Bluetooth connection, FM radio, and mp3 (via a memory card ) you can access it with a tap. Or, press the mode button once to enjoy your mobile’s music via Bluetooth.

Finally, you have the FM mode. Also, with double tapping it allows MP3 mode. So that you can enjoy music from your external memory card without having to connect to your mobile phone.

You can experience high-quality music backed up by a durable polymer-li battery. It provides up to 5 hours of continuous playback, 112 hours of standby and up to 6 hours of listening time.

It requires a USB charging cable for easier and more convenient charging, this is inclusive in the box. It has a flexible neckband with sponge cover. So, it attributes to soft and comfortable wear and makes it perfectly suitable for walks or jogs.


  • High-quality Bluetooth chip
  • Strong Bluetooth connectivity
  • 3 modes
  • Durable polymer-li battery


  • The level of bass is low


3. iNSIGHT Sports Bluetooth Headset

More photos & price on Amazon

iNSIGHT Sports Bluetooth Headset is a sporty headset for the athlete in you. These are the best of its kind. It is specially designed for a music lover who is into sports. Headphones for sports are designed keeping different aspects of sports in mind. These are a lot tougher and durable than the normal everyday ones.

So, if you are a sports person, you must be looking for some added features that will make working out a lot easier.

Sweat-resistant and snug fit size is a common feature that most Sports headsets provide. The iNSIGHT Bluetooth headphones are great for running. These stay intact while you indulge in your activities.

Also, has a lot of other essential and distinct characters.

Say, the first thing that will draw you into these is the newly improved signal transmissions and high audio quality features. The advanced Bluetooth version 4.1 technology is for the better. This makes Bluetooth connections easy.

Tested by an accredited laboratory, these headsets have been officially approved by The Federal Communications Commission (FCC). By far it is made to meet your expectations.


  • Sweat-resistant designs
  • Latest Bluetooth version 4.1 technology


  • Connectivity issue


4. Sunvito Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

More photos & price on Amazon

What if I say that you will get premium designed best quality headphones at the price of earphones? Trust me, the price offered by the Sunvito might be the first thing on your wish list.

Sunvito Over-Ear Bluetooth headphones give perfect music experience. They can leave you mesmerized with its sound quality and specs. That too, in the most reasonable price range.

With a hi-fi clear and pure stereo sound quality, these headphones feature A2DP with noise canceling feature. You would want to make this your primary microphone, and why not?

Most of the latest headphones have the three features in today’s market: mp3 player, Bluetooth, and FM radio.

This headset also has something to keep it aside for other product as a unique headset. It also offers you the choice to use it with an audio cable. You can continue listening to music with the Bluetooth turned off.

If you have used other headsets, I am pretty sure that you might have gone through the problem of a size that fits you. You will be more than happy to know that these headphones offer various sizes. The adjustable headbands with a super soft ear cushion make it hard to resist.

You will enjoy each moment of it.


  • Pure stereo sound quality
  • A2DP with noise canceling
  • Mp3 player, Bluetooth and FM radio facility
  • Adjustable headband


  • They are slightly invasive


5. Hyfanda Bluetooth Headphones Foldable Headset

More photos & price on Amazon

The Hyfanda Bluetooth Headphones Foldable Headset are high definition stereo headphones. The Bluetooth technology makes it easy to connect to your device and you can listen to your favorite songs.

It is a Bluetooth headphone that gives you good quality music. These are foldable and easy to carry. Simply drop it in your bag or purse, if you are off to your gum. And, because these are lightweight it is easy to carry.

With a built-in microphone and volume control, you can easily answer any incoming calls and be within reach with your people. It is universally compatible with other PC Tablet, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC, LG, and other Android smartphones.

These are just so comfortable and easy to use. No more chords, no more hassles.

It offers deep bass, high-quality dynamic sound. It gives extremely high-end audio quality, superior and high definition bass response.

It has a hard protective carrying case that makes it durable and reliable. This is the best choice for travel, sport, and everyday use.


  • Hard protective carrying case
  • Comfortable and easy
  • Universal compatibility
  • Built-in microphone and volume control
  • Foldable


  • They become uncomfortable over time


6. Avantree Headphones

More photos & price on Amazon

Are you into video games or are you someone who loves to watch movies alone? Then the Avantree Headphones are the best option for you. Super cool and super chic, yet such great sound quality.

These give you superior high-resolution sound with clear highs and rich bass. The quality of the sound is quite similar to some of the top branded headphones. That too in super affordable price. The specks compromise nothing at all.

The best thing about these headphones is the battery life. It gives you 40 hours of music time.

At this affordable price, it’s amazing how it gives you such a great battery life and usability. If you are planning to go for a long tour or trek you might not have the privilege to charge your headphones. With these headphones sticking to you, you will have no problem at all.

Another mentionable feature is that you can still use these headphones without using the batteries. You can use it in a normal headphone. Simple! Connect the 3.5mm audio jack wire and use it as a wired headphone.

Such a relief.


  • Superior high-resolution sound
  • High-quality battery
  • Good performance


  • They are large and unwieldy


7. COWIN Headphones

More photos & price on Amazon

The COWIN Headphones provide a lot of premium features at a very reasonable price. The active noise cancellation achieves the optimal level of performance that you cannot point any fault with.

Its noise cancellation feature is super strong. If you travel a lot, you know how the airplane engine bugs you, right? These headphones are just right for such travels. All you will enjoy is the music, nothing else.

The deep and accurate bass response quality is amazing. These are very comfortable to use because these are lightweight, has a comfortable around-ear fi, has a professional protein ear pad, and 90-degree swiveling earcups. Everything you could wish for.

This makes it super easy to use if you are running, jogging or into hardcore cardio activities. You can use these all day long. These do not make you feel bulky or drained. I gifted it to a friend about a couple of months back. He seriously needed a new set. I have used these for the longest period of my life, I was absolutely satisfied with it. So, what better gift than these!

He loved it. How do I know?

Well, I jog with him every day.


  • Light and comfortable
  • High-quality sound
  • Long working hours


  • These are quite pricey


8. Mpow Bluetooth Headphones

More photos & price on Amazon

The Mpow Bluetooth Headphones will enable you to enjoy the high-quality sound. It is pleasant to the ears too. I love them for their appealing outlook and good performance.

It uses latest and advanced Bluetooth version to connect to your device. The Mpow Bluetooth Headphones offer you dual modes. You can enjoy continuous music for 13 hours.

You don’t need to worry about the safety of the headphones while carrying it with you or inside your bag. A good thing about these headphones is that they are foldable and adjustable. You will be able to save up some space on your desk and get a perfect size that fits you. Plus point, you will get a bag with the headset. You can use it to carry your headphones while on tours or just anywhere. They will act as a protective case for your headphones.

These headphones provide you with a perfect fit. They are comfortable and durable. While running, you can enjoy the music and run without having to readjust the headphone. You can answer your calls with ease as they have built-in mic.


  • Advanced compatibility
  • Bluetooth version 4.0
  • Safe and comfortable


  • They have limited color and design


9. Linkwitz Headphones

More photos & price on Amazon

Comparatively big budget headphones in my review list. Equipped with 40mm large-aperture drivers Linkwitz Bluetooth headphones can do justice to the price you paid. Also, it features extended frequency range with perfect bass boost and dynamic midrange.

To meet the present advancement and trend, Linkwitz headphones also adopt the active noise cancellation feature. It lets you get lost in your own musical world by reducing the surrounding noise.

With the price you paid, you will get a classy and luxurious feel with the headphones. Because of the design and high-quality memory protein ear pads and headband, it provides you countless hours of contentment.

In addition, you can swivel the earcups up to 90 degrees to match your perfect fit and add up to your music enthusiasm. This is even backed up by the dual mode feature- wired and wireless modes.

This dual mode feature allows you to operate the headphones without any limits. The wireless mode is usable with the rechargeable in-built battery that keeps the headset on for a continuous 16 hours period. Whilst the wired mode lets you enjoy the headset moment without even consuming the battery.

These headphones combine a high-quality steel. So, they can bear a normal fall and drop accident.

The Linkwitz Headphone, tactile buttons on the earcups give you easy access to adjusting volume.


  • 40mm large-aperture drivers
  • Dual mode feature- wired and wireless mode
  • High working hours
  • Upgraded steel cover


  • They are heavy and bulky


10. Head Bands Headphone

More photos & price on Amazon

“Awesome”, the perfect word to describe this product. If you are looking for the best headset at a medium price range, then you might want to put a ‘full stop’ right here. Head Bands Headphone is a premium quality and trending headphone that helps you enjoy superior performance of the product at a low price.

The sound quality of headbands is of hifi quality with a great deep sound.

This beast features Bluetooth version 4.0 enabling easy and fast pairing with Bluetooth devices.

Its lightweight design and the longevity of the stainless steel makes it unique from other headsets. The leatherette ear pads and rotating ear cups ensure a comfortable fit for your ears.

You know that not everybody wants to roam around with the headphones hanging around their neck. So, there is an option for those customers too. HeadBands provide a free protective clamshell case which is important when it comes to traveling.

I can feel that you are already lured by its features by now. I too had the same impression when I knew about its amazing specs. I did not delay much to order and try this headphone. I hope you are also really eager to try these out. Just get it and enjoy!


  • Trendy designed
  • Easy and fast pairing with Bluetooth devices.
  • Lightweight
  • Durable and reliable
  • Protective clamshell case


  • The price is high.


Why are Bluetooth Headphones for Running necessary?

While running you definitely don’t want the weight of your headphones to be an obstacle. Do you? To provide you with smooth running experience, most of these have a lightweight feature.

Yes, there are small earbuds available that is a lot smaller and less bulky. But the headphones are better in noise cancellation, so I prefer them.

Who would not want to have their own musical surrounding?

The technology roots to wire that everything requires wire in one way or the other. But modern science has made it possible to go wireless. Bluetooth Headphone is one fine example of that. No more wire hassle like you would have old headphones.

Whether it be running or practicing any kind of sport, listening to music motivates you and pumps you. Faster the beat, the more pumped you get.

So, to keep you focused and motivated while not disturbing people around, Bluetooth headphones are the best option.

Newly advanced Bluetooth headphones rid you off clingy wires in traditional headphones. With its protective clamshell case these headphones are durable and of good quality. This is more than just necessary for me. I can forget to wear gloves but these headphones are my foremost priority. Running becomes more efficient and fun with them.

How to choose the best Bluetooth headphones For Running?

For a change, if you are looking to buy a good set of Bluetooth headphones over your regular earpods then there might be some facts that you would need to look out for. I have mentioned some of my key points.

Design or special feature

Before you buy one, you must check if it is sealed. Also, check out its features like noise cancellation, semi noise cancellation, and clamshell cases.

Durability and battery life

Whenever you buy something, you will definitely want it to last long. So, buying the best headphone too, you need to look for its durability and the battery life.


I am happy that there are many good qualities Bluetooth headphones available on the market. Every Bluetooth headphone is best in itself.

But, when it comes to choosing the ultimate best, it is definitely Kinivo stereo headphone.

Everything about this headphone is great, from its design to sleek design, high-quality sound to latest, advanced version of Bluetooth technology, protective case to multiple modes and noise canceling technology.

It takes you to your own world, away from the hustle and bustle of your surroundings.

The feeling and technology are perfect.

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